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Opposing sound experts state cases

"The characteristic of wind turbine noise is such that people are more annoyed with it than they are with other common community noise sources. One of the things that I routinely hear is that people are annoyed by the blade swish. ... It isn't that it's so loud. It's that it's repetitive and it does not stop."
26 Apr 2011

Testimony continues

The adjudicatory hearing on the Buckeye Wind application before administrative law judges for the Ohio Power Siting Board resumed Tuesday with rebuttal testimony from David Hessler, the acoustic engineer the company hired to model noise projections and measure background sound data. ..."You stated ... that there will always be some complaints that the project is audible at all," Napier said. "Correct," Hessler said. "Is it fair to say you believe this project will be audible at some times?" Napier asked. "Yes, most definitely," he said.
2 Dec 2009

New wind turbine report lacks data, critics say

A report released by the Ohio Department of Health this week does not go far enough in investigating and analyzing the potential health impacts of wind turbines on nearby residents, according to some local residents and an acoustical consultant familiar with the local effort to develop wind turbines. ...Residents who believe more study needs to be done before construction begins on wind turbines cite the research of several people - including Nina Pierpont, a medical doctor who is conducting scientific noise and health studies, and acoustical consultants like Rick James of Okemos, Mich., who have done studies at several existing wind farms and proposed sites. "The report is merely a report on the readily available information," Monroe Township resident Mary Ann Hartzler said. "The studies reported were not performed by medical doctors. ...Mr. [Richard] James said he sees the report as an attempt to make residents feel better about a foregone conclusion that wind turbines will be better in the state. "They (state officials) wanted wind farms and they were going to put out documents to support it," he said. "I don't see any real effort on the part of the people to put together an authoritative report."
26 Apr 2008

Engineer discusses noise generated by wind turbines

Champaign County residents and leaders learned Wednesday that noise could be caused by wind turbines proposed to be built for wind energy development in the county. ...Speaker Richard James, a noise control engineer from E-Coustic Solutions, was brought by group member Diane McConnell of Union Neighbors United - a group of Union Twp. residents concerned about local zoning decisions regarding wind energy development. James presented information he had found in studies done by other sources.
7 Feb 2008
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