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Ohio Trial starts in turbine case 25 Jan
Ohio Wind turbine case set for trial in January 2 Jan
USA Ohio Icebreaker Offshore Wind: Complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief 11 Dec 2019
Ohio Innogy relinquishes state certificates; leases remain 11 Sep 2019
Ohio Buckeye Wind I and II withdrawal notices 6 Sep 2019
Ohio Seneca Wind: Notice of Application Withdrawal 9 Aug 2019
Ohio Notice of relinquishment and withdrawal: Black Fork Wind Farm 16 May 2019
Ohio Seneca Wind project delayed again 4 Apr 2019
Ohio Judge: Landowners don't have to let Seneca wind farm company on property 13 Mar 2019
Ohio Landowners testify in wind farm lease case 23 Feb 2019
Ohio Fate of Seneca County wind farm project still in question after hearing 22 Feb 2019
Ohio Seneca Wind fails to get restraining order against leaseholders 5 Feb 2019
Ohio New judge assigned to Seneca Co. wind turbine case 31 Jan 2019
Ohio Board must reconsider change to wind farm construction plan 27 Dec 2018
Ohio Oral Arguments: In re Application of Black Fork Wind Energy LLC, Case no. 2017-0412 1 Aug 2018
USA Ohio Camp Perry turbine plan axed; Birders cheer as National Guard retreats on wind power 30 Jun 2017
USA Ohio Bird Conservation Groups Win Fight Against Great Lakes Wind Project 29 Jun 2017
Ohio Champaign wind farm may move forward after nearly decade-long fight 29 Jun 2017
USA Ohio Ohio Air National Guard drops wind turbine plans for Camp Perry; birding groups declare victory 29 Jun 2017
USA Ohio Camp Perry Wind Complaint 27 Mar 2017
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