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Wind turbine sought at Camp Perry

Kimberly Kaufman, Black Swamp Bird Observatory executive director, told The Blade she learned about the decision during a recent meeting with Camp Perry leadership. She said her group will once again seek legal help from a national advocacy group, the American Bird Conservancy, to block the project.
21 Mar 2016

Wind turbine opponents write to governor

"Over 850 Ohio residents who are threatened with the prospect of industrial wind development in their communities sent a letter to Governor Kasich outlining the repeated and continuing failures of the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) to protect them from loss of their property rights and respect adjacent property owners right to protect and enjoy their property," Ledet said.
28 Dec 2014

Greenwich residents unite: 'We are awake now'

Kevin Ledet, of rural Greenwich, spoke at Tuesday's Huron County Commissioners meeting and said now that the windfarm is approved, it's important the commissioners do not approve an alternative energy zone or any other type of tax abatement for the windfarm so, at least, the county can reap the full benefit of the project.
31 Aug 2014

Lines, wind farm ok'd

Meeting Monday in Columbus, the board approved a plan to run a power line that will stretch from Fremont to near Sandusky. The board said the Hayes-West Fremont 138 kilovolt Transmission line will bypass Peninsular Farms, a historic property near Fremont. A previous proposed route had threatened the farm.
28 Aug 2014

South Central Board of Education: Letter opposes wind project

Skmbt_55214090911000_thumb This letter, signed by each member of the South Central Board of Education, was submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board in reference to the proposed Greenwich wind energy facility to be located in Huron County, Ohio. The 60 MW project would span approximately 4,600 acres and consist of up to 25 turbines, each at 2.4 MW. The project was approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board in August 2014. The content of the letter is provided below. The actual letter can be downloaded by clicking the link on this page.
22 Aug 2014

New siting provision could bring hard times for Ohio wind power

A provision of the bill concerns wind power — currently Ohio’s largest source of renewable energy — and, more specifically, the “setback” distance between new turbines and adjacent private property. Prior to the law, a minimum 1,125-foot setback was required between new turbines and the nearest habitable structure. The provision in question moves the start of that setback from the nearest habitable structure to the nearest property line.
23 Jun 2014

Landowners against wind farms question energy rules, standards

Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican, has long tried to cut the in-state requirement. Ohio Sen. Kris Jordan, a Delaware County Republican, wants to repeal the renewables mandate altogether. ...Seitz said the country’s recession reduced the need for additional energy production and Ohio’s natural-gas boom has weakened the need for wind power. “We should be able to buy power from wherever it is cheapest,” he said. “There shouldn’t be a protected bucket for Ohio wind developers.”
24 Mar 2014

Residents get say on Scioto Ridge Wind Farm proposal

The Shepherds were among dozens of landowners and activists who filled Veterans Hall at the Hardin County Courthouse to voice their opinions on the potential impact of the planned development. Their concerns included noise issues, potential physical dangers, the economic viability of the project, impact on wildlife, expected declines in property values among other general quality of life issues.
9 Jan 2014

Opponents fail to halt wind-tower projects; Construction in Ottawa Co. criticized

Two Ottawa County wind turbine projects are proceeding despite protests from birders and warnings about the risk to bald eagles and endangered birds. The towers, a 198-foot, $1.5 million federally funded turbine to be installed at Camp Perry and a roughly 325-foot tower recently erected at the nearby Lake Erie Business Park, are unrelated but have united opponents, who contend whirling blades don’t belong in the migratory bird region along the lake shore.
24 Dec 2013

As turbine effort secures financing, conservationists speak out

The project was technically feasible, but the energy output from the turbines — 120 to 500 megawatts — would have cost two to four times more than land-based wind, according to a NYPA news release. The NYPA said annual subsidies of between $60 million and $100 million would result in high costs to the New York Power Authority. Great Lakes Wind Truth and NA-PAW were outspoken against the GLOW project, with hundreds of residents in the town of Greece, N.Y., signing a petition against it.
22 Dec 2013

Testimony continues

The adjudicatory hearing on the Buckeye Wind application before administrative law judges for the Ohio Power Siting Board resumed Tuesday with rebuttal testimony from David Hessler, the acoustic engineer the company hired to model noise projections and measure background sound data. ..."You stated ... that there will always be some complaints that the project is audible at all," Napier said. "Correct," Hessler said. "Is it fair to say you believe this project will be audible at some times?" Napier asked. "Yes, most definitely," he said.
2 Dec 2009

Proposed wind farms have a negative side, too

We must all become informed about life with wind turbines. In phase one, the Black Fork Wind Farm will have 112 wind turbines that are more than 400-feet tall with 159-foot blades and red strobe lights that blink on and off all night long. The wind turbines, at times, may create upward to 70 decibels of noise. The EPA says 45 decibels disturbs sleep.
22 Nov 2009

Tribe wants Ohio mound protected from wind farm

An Indian tribe says plans to build a commercial wind farm in western Ohio pose a threat to an ancient burial mound and the state should put a barrier around it to keep it from being disturbed. The Piqua Shawnee Tribe asked that the mound be protected in a motion it filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board regarding EverPower Wind Holdings Inc.'s proposal to build the 70-turbine farm near Urbana.
13 Oct 2009
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