Library from Ohio

Ohio Hite abruptly resigns Ohio Senate seat 17 Oct 2017
Ohio Wind energy isn’t right for Ohio 11 Oct 2017
Ohio Divided over wind farms; Turbines provide revenue, anger Ohio neighbors 9 Oct 2017
Ohio Official claims wind company seeking land for turbines 7 Oct 2017
Ohio American Legion post member attempts to salvage wind turbine project 2 Oct 2017
Ohio Wind farms in Ohio pit environmentalists against some neighbors tired of noise, view 24 Sep 2017
Ohio Wind turbines removed from One Government Center 20 Sep 2017
Ohio Senator seeks to ease wind setback rules 15 Sep 2017
Ohio State shouldn’t determine setbacks 10 Aug 2017
Ohio Proper windmill siting necessary to spare birds, bats 30 Jul 2017
Ohio Wind turbine setback, battles over green energy rules expected in Ohio legislature 28 Jul 2017
Ohio Lake Erie's Icebreaker Wind project moves closer to state certification for construction 21 Jul 2017
USA Ohio Camp Perry turbine plan axed; Birders cheer as National Guard retreats on wind power 30 Jun 2017
USA Ohio Bird Conservation Groups Win Fight Against Great Lakes Wind Project 29 Jun 2017
Ohio Champaign wind farm may move forward after nearly decade-long fight 29 Jun 2017
USA Ohio Ohio Air National Guard drops wind turbine plans for Camp Perry; birding groups declare victory 29 Jun 2017
Ohio Conneaut council fed up with disfigured turbine 28 Jun 2017
Ohio $4.2 billion wind stymied in Ohio: House refuses to ease restrictive zoning 28 Jun 2017
Ohio Wind turbine rule change gets nod from Ohio Senate, Cuyahoga request for 20-year renewable power purchase agreement rejected 21 Jun 2017
Ohio Ohio Sen. Cliff Hite proposes loosening setbacks for wind developers 30 May 2017
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