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Sen. Seitz asks wind developers to promise they will not punish leaseholders who publicly testify about repealing the state's renewable energy requirements

Citing concerns that "landowners with wind farms on their property are afraid to testify on legislation in his committee because of confidentiality clauses in their leases," the senator then asked wind developers "to provide written assurance that they would not take action against leaseholders who publicly testify."
17 Feb 2014

Logan County Commissioners issue statement on wind farm

Opponents of the wind development project, however, say the letter’s “only the facts” tone is not what they expect from community leaders. “The question becomes is it fair to allow some innocent citizens to be subjected to significant quality of life and homestead property value loss for the gain of neighboring land owners …” Zanesfield activist Tom Stacy wrote in reply to the letter.
10 Feb 2014

Turbine opponents say safety, fairness at stake

Concerns with the safety of the Buckeye Wind Project and the process by which it was approved were among the chief issues raised by opponents before the Ohio Supreme Court. Champaign County prosecutors and members of Union Neighbors United filed arguments recently with the Ohio Supreme Court, one of the final steps in deciding whether the controversial wind project can move forward. Combined with an earlier first phase, the project could include a total of about 100 turbines spread spread throughout six townships.
10 Feb 2014

Coleman: Wind application fails to address Logan County roads

A letter filed by Logan County Engineer Scott Coleman with the Ohio Power Siting Board says that wind developer Everpower neglected to address Logan County roads in its original application.“It appears that the transportation study submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board failed to address Logan County roads. However, several Logan County roads are being used according to the mapping included in the application.”
22 Jan 2014

Public hearing on wind farm is Jan. 8

The Ohio Power Siting Board will hold a public hearing to provide area residents an opportunity to testify about Hardin Wind, LLC’s proposal to construct the Scioto Ridge Wind Farm in Hardin and Logan counties.
4 Jan 2014

Commissioners want road repair agreement before wind farm built

“We’ve been working on a road agreement for two years, but these energy companies have never sat down with us,” said Commissioner Gary Utt. “I’ve been told by the Paulding County clerk that they (wind farm companies) fixed the roads the first time, but the second time, when they replace equipment, they won’t be as forthright.”
21 Dec 2013

Black Fork Wind Farm decision affirmed; Timeline for project up in the air

The 2012 approval of the Black Fork Wind Farm by the Ohio Power Siting Board was affirmed in a decision handed down Wednesday by the Ohio Supreme Court. Opponents of the planned wind-turbine project, to be constructed in northern Richland and Crawford counties, included a handful of residents in Shelby, Crestline and Tiro. They had appealed the siting board’s approval.
19 Dec 2013

Wind company pulls controversial proposal

Representatives from the Buckeye Wind farm said they are backing out of a controversial proposal that would have relocated a temporary construction yard outside Urbana. Buckeye Wind LLC had planned to use the staging area during construction of two phases of the wind farm, which would build about 100 turbines across several townships in Champaign County.
17 Dec 2013

Ohio wind farms praised by some, criticized by others

Northwest Ohio has had wind farms in operation for about three years. Some are not happy with the wind farms, while others think the arrival of alternative-energy companies is the best thing that could happen to the region. ..."We were told that the noise was minimal and that light flickers are only noticeable at 1,000 meters and only for a few minutes," Schaffner said. "That simply is not true."
13 Oct 2013

County seeks rehearing in turbine case

Turbines must be placed at least 541 feet from a non-participating land owner's property line under the current agreement, and at least 919 feet from a non-participating house. The prosecutor's appeal argued those setbacks don't go far enough, and that the state should instead use recommendations from turbine manufacturers. ...prosecutors pointed out that one manufacturer recommends clearing an area of about 1,300 feet in the event of a turbine fire.
29 Jun 2013

County, townships fight turbine ruling

On Wednesday, county commissioners and trustees from Goshen, Union and Urbana townships met in executive session and then voted to ask Kevin Talebi, Champaign County prosecutor, to seek a rehearing with the siting board on the decision.
7 Jun 2013

OPSB approves Buckeye Wind II

The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) approved a certificate Tuesday allowing for the construction of more than 50 wind turbines in eastern Champaign County as part of the second phase of the Buckeye Wind farm.
29 May 2013

Wednesday meeting to detail Greenwich wind farm proposal

Its operator hopes to file an application with the Ohio Power Siting Board early this summer and begin construction by the end of the year. Commercial operations would then begin in the summer or fall of 2014. Construction would have to begin this year for the operator to take advantage of a federal tax credit, unless it is renewed for next year.
21 May 2013

County ends alternative energy zone

Having the power to withhold special tax incentives would, in effect, make a wind farm project much less attractive to energy companies, and would provide the county with more clout in bargaining with utilities seeking to locate wind turbines in Van Wert County.
18 Apr 2013

Wind farm project up in the air; Energy company looking to sell its turbine projects

Future industrial wind farm development in Mercer County is getting turbulent as BP America announced it will sell its wind energy division. BP spokesman Matt Hartwig said the Great Britain-based company decided to sell its American wind division "as part of a continuing effort to become a more focused oil and gas company and reposition the company for sustainable growth into the future."
12 Apr 2013
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