Library from North Carolina

North Carolina Ashe County will consider law to govern wind-energy systems 1 Feb 2007
North Carolina Ashe wind farm opposed by state commission; N.C. Attorney General may step in 1 Feb 2007
North Carolina N.C. weighs in on Ashe wind farm proposal 31 Jan 2007
North Carolina Ashe schedules a special hearing for possible vote on windmill farm 30 Jan 2007
North Carolina Windmills generate lively debate in Ashe 26 Jan 2007
Maryland North Carolina New Jersey Pennsylvania West Virginia Edison Mission to develop Mid-Atlantic wind farms 25 Jan 2007
North Carolina Proposed Wind Turbines Spark Controversy In Ashe 18 Jan 2007
North Carolina Report backs renewable energy requirements 13 Dec 2006
North Carolina State regulators set standards for renewable energy sources 7 Dec 2006
North Carolina Electrical power blowing in N.C. wind 15 Nov 2006
North Carolina Farmers' group supports windmill farms in Ashe - They could be a source of alternative income, they say 19 Sep 2006
North Carolina Jockey's Ridge to harness the power of wind 30 Aug 2006
North Carolina Ashe County official files plans to build windmills - Proposal may conflict with ridge law from '80s 11 Aug 2006
North Carolina Watauga to allow windmills - Commissioners adopt rules for single systems; process stricter for commercial use 8 Aug 2006
North Carolina Baby steps toward green power 6 Jul 2006
North Carolina Trying to catch the wind - A Western N.C. man wants to start the state's first wind farm, but barriers are high 30 Jun 2006
North Carolina Commissioners Receive Draft Ordinance to Regulate Wind Energy Systems 9 Jun 2006
North Carolina Planning Board Discusses Windmill Regulations 25 May 2006
USA North Carolina GE expanding nuclear site 17 May 2006
North Carolina Initial ordinance about windmills gets approval 17 May 2006
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