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Explosive troubles with Wyoming County Wind Projects

I write here a cautionary warning for those who may mistakenly think that today’s wind energy is that quaint throwback to olden days. Old –fashioned windmills were not connected with miles and miles of high voltage underground and overhead wires. If your rural community is presently under siege by a mega-billion industrial scale wind turbine  developer, Buyer beware. (Editor's note: The incident described in this piece involving the turbine failure occurred the week of August 27, 2018)
5 Sep 2018

113-foot blade falls off Fenner windmill; Bolt failure

Wind_turbine_fenner_thumb There were two big booms when it happened, one when it hit and then another when it probably flipped over,” said Fenner resident Dick Foringer, who lives about 900 feet away. ...Editor's note: Mr. Foringer confirmed by phone that the initial impact crater was 323 feet from the base of the turbine. The blade then bounced, and ultimately landed 471 feet from the base. 
12 Feb 2016

Turbine blade replacement underway in Orangeville

The replacement program follows blade failure on Nov. 17, 2013, at the wind farm’s 34th tower, near Centerline Road and Route 20A. The blade fell to the ground at the base of the turbine ...An analysis revealed the break was caused by a spar cap issue. A spar cap is located on both sides of the blade. It essentially gives the blade strength, and is made from composite materials.
12 Feb 2014

Another GE turbine blade breaks off, leading to further investigation

“Out of caution, all turbine commissioning and turbine operations at the wind farm have been suspended,” Invenergy says. “We are working with GE, the turbine manufacturer, to determine the cause of this incident. Following a GE blade break on Nov. 7, utility DTE Energy has also ceased work on its 112 MW Echo Wind Park in Michigan. Scott Simons, a DTE Energy spokesperson, recently told NAW that GE was performing a reliability test on a turbine when the blade fell.
19 Nov 2013

Wind Farm Rotor Failures

Repair-in-progress_thumb Recently there have been several units shut down while 10 blades were repaired. If each came from a different turbine it would mean the wind farm was producing 10% less electricity than planned while the turbines were out of service. It could also support the contention that the life of wind farms will be less than planned.
27 Jul 2013

Wind-turbine fire under investigation

Flames were consuming the top portion of a wind turbine behind the Rand Hill Dairy Farm, which is across the street from their house. "The fire caught one of the blades and made it look like a Roman candle," Phil said. "There was a snow squall that night, but we could see the flames burning right through it."
31 Jan 2012

Transformer ruptures at Wethersfield wind turbine

Megan Gollwitzer, spokesperson for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, said approximately 400 gallons of transformer oil, a mineral oil product, was released into the area immediately surrounding the base of the wind turbine. ...Approximately 45 tons of affected soil from the area where the spill occurred was collected and removed for off-site disposal at a regulated landfill, Gollwitzer said.
26 Jan 2012
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