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Fishermen worry wind farms could damage business

Scola is concerned about state and federal regulations. But his big concern is the prospect of hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of giant wind turbines spread out in the New York Bight, an area along the Atlantic Coast that extends from southern New Jersey to Montauk Point. It’s one of the most productive fishing grounds on the Eastern Seaboard.
17 Nov 2017

Clarkson study: Henderson could lose $40 million in property value from Galloo Island wind project

Because Henderson wouldn’t receive any tax benefits from the wind project, its impact would be largely negative — especially for the value of waterfront properties. The analysis of property values in Henderson was based on a review of the impacts of the Wolfe Island Wind Farm on properties in Jefferson County, ...Based on the sale of 26 properties in Jefferson County with a view of the turbines on Wolfe Island, the analysis found that the value of the properties depreciated by about 15 percent after the wind farm became operational in 2009.
5 Apr 2016

Exploring the impact of the proposed Galloo Island energy project

307007559-clarkson-nanos-galloo-island-wind-farm-study_thumb The Town of Henderson, New York, engaged the Nanos Clarkson Research Collaboration energy consultant team to assist in determining a series of impacts from the proposed Galloo Island wind farm development. The Galloo Island project plan proposes to construct up to 29 turbines with a total nameplate capacity of 102 MW. The turbines will stand 575 feet high, with blade lengths of 210 feet. The executive summary and key findings of the study are provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.
20 Jan 2016

As turbine effort secures financing, conservationists speak out

The project was technically feasible, but the energy output from the turbines — 120 to 500 megawatts — would have cost two to four times more than land-based wind, according to a NYPA news release. The NYPA said annual subsidies of between $60 million and $100 million would result in high costs to the New York Power Authority. Great Lakes Wind Truth and NA-PAW were outspoken against the GLOW project, with hundreds of residents in the town of Greece, N.Y., signing a petition against it.
22 Dec 2013

New York renewable power plan would cost $382 billion by 2030

"It's too ambitious by 2030 to replace all the state's power with renewables," Angus McCrone, a senior analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance in London, said today. The projections, he said, look "unrealistic" for individual technologies. ...offshore wind turbines would cover an area of about 4,903 square miles, and onshore machines would cover a further 1,000 square miles.
8 Apr 2013

Wind farms drop property values

What would happen if your home lost 40 percent or more of its value? This is the agonizing reality for residents and property owners in Chipmonk, Knapp Creek, the Four Mile and the Birch Run. ...Recently, the assessment rolls in Wolfe Island (on the St. Lawrence Seaway) were reduced by $3 million dollars because homes in close proximity to turbines lost value.
6 Nov 2012

County seeks protection on taxation of wind farms

Jefferson County taxpayers could be left paying town and school district taxes for a wind farm if the developer fails to pay the project taxes, warns Paul J. Warneck, Jefferson County director of real property services. County officials are worried that taxpayers will have limited recourse if a wind farm leasing land for its turbines does not make its tax or payment-in-lieu-of-taxes payments.
9 Jun 2010

Panel reviews effects of wind

Members of the Orleans wind economics committee voiced a range of views on what the effects of a wind farm would be on property values in the town. Members of the committee, which met Wednesday night, are working on a report that will outline the economic effects for the school districts, participants and town and the effect of turbines in the viewshed on property values.
6 May 2010

RG&E, NYSEG seeking sizable rate increases

You may need to brace yourself for thicker sweaters and thinner wallets next year, as Rochester Gas & Electric and New York State Electric and Gas are seeking sizable rate increases. If approved by the state Public Service Commission, the higher rates could go into effect by August 2010 and raise the average bills of households served by the utilities by roughly $400 to $450 a year. ...The PSC has an 11-month deadline for ruling on the request. No dates have been set for hearings.
19 Sep 2009

Legislature included on wind farm panel

The Cattaraugus County Legislature will be represented on a panel that will work with town and school delegates to set up a tax-exemption policy for the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency’s wind farm projects. A blanket state tax exemption for wind farms and other alternative energy systems was lifted in the county by the Legislature in 2008 following a lengthy debate.
27 Feb 2009

Utility wants to hike rates: NYSEG says it will also cut spending to save money

New York State Electric & Gas Corp., acquired last fall by a large Spanish utility, wants to increase rates and plans to reduce capital spending this year as it faces serious financial issues. ...It is unclear how any rate increase sought by NYSEG would be impacted by the $275 million that the PSC has ordered Iberdrola to return to upstate customers as a condition of the merger.
16 Jan 2009

Credit crunch stalls Noble

The instability of the financial markets had caused Noble Environmental Power to "scale back its development plans for 2009" and "(cut) back its workforce." Immediately, construction of a 14-turbine windpark planned for the town of Bellmont will be suspended until July or August of 2009, Bellmont Town Supervisor Bruce Russell said Friday. ...To date, the company has laid foundation for the town's 14 turbines and installed wiring, he said.
11 Oct 2008

Wind power: EZ changes limit future benefits

The financial boon from the Maple Ridge Wind Farm in Lewis County is undeniable. ...the Maple Ridge Wind Farm fell within an Empire Zone, which allows businesses within the zone to be reimbursed for their property taxes and make the projects more affordable to developers. The reimbursement enabled the several local governments to receive tax benefits and payments higher than might be expected. But wind farm supporters in Jefferson County will be disappointed if they expect to see similar benefits to their municipalities and school districts. The proposed projects are not in any Empire Zone now.
9 Aug 2008

City tax rate adjusted up

The City Council Monday was asked by Assessor Frank E. Krakowski to approve a correction of the adjusted base proportions of the 2008-2009 assessment rolls because of a computer error that did not assign an assessed value to one of the eight new wind turbines off Route 5. ...Krakowski said the computer miscalculation had the effect of inflating the city's taxable value by more than $1 million. ...[First Ward Councilwoman Andrea] Haxton also complained the Steel Winds wind farm project was supposed to lowertaxes for ratepayers in the city. "With the windmills here, it's ridiculous that taxes have to change," Haxton said.
8 Jul 2008
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