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Invenergy in New York: blade break

Orangeville-t34bladebreak_thumb Invenergy's Orangeville Wind Farm (formerly known as the Stony Creek Wind project) experienced a catastrophic blade break. The project, which is still under construction includes 58 GE 1.6-100 wind turbines (94 megawatts). The turbines are scheduled for commission  the second week of December 2013. Witnesses at the site told WindAction that blade debris flew past the 511-foot safety zone set by the town for participating landowners, 700 feet from property lines for non-participating neighbors, and 1100 feet from non-participating neighbors' structures/residences. The setback distances were requested by Eric Miller of Invenergy to get more turbines in a smaller area.
17 Nov 2013

Steelwinds turbines undergo repair -- again

Steelwinds_repairs_thumb Turbines at the Steelwinds facility in Lackawanna, New York are undergoing substantial repair -- again. The Steelwinds Project went online in the summer 2007 with eight Clipper 2.5 megawatt turbines. The project was the first to use the Clipper units, touted as the new standard for reliable performance. By late summer 2007, the facility was shut down due to damage in the turbine gear boxes ( ) The repairs occurred in early 2008. This photo taken May 12, 2009 shows the facility down again. First Wind, formerly UPC Wind, has provided no information on the root cause of the turbine failure.
12 May 2009
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