Articles filed under Zoning/Planning from New York

Somerset approves windmills

SOMERSET — The Town Board on Tuesday approved ordinances for both residential and commercial windmills....Residential windmills can be 150-feet high ... Commercial windmills, which will produce power directly into the power grid, may be 450-feet high.
12 Jul 2006

David Bassett's Letter to the Warsaw (NY) Town Board

In summary, large-scale wind machines are a bad idea for the Town of Warsaw but great for offshore and remote areas. Large machines greater than (say) 125 rotor diameter should be prohibited. The Town might consider policies to foster small-scale wind equipment, other small-scale "appropriate" energy technologies and energy efficiency. The proposed regulatory framework amounts to a slippery slope. Please don't go there.
30 Jun 2006

Communities update land plans

He expects the plan will reflect changing issues facing municipal officials. In the same way towns had to scurry about 10 years ago to address concerns over cell phone antenna towers, town officials today must prepare for new concerns, such as wind turbines and solar panels.
26 Jun 2006

Mining, wind energy are hot topics

ALBION — Moratoriums were the theme of the Orleans County Planning Board on Thursday night. Planners recommended approval for six-month moratoriums on wind energy development and mining operations in the Town of Shelby, as well as moratoriums on wind energy systems and high-density housing in the Town of Albion.
23 Jun 2006
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