Library from New York

New York County legislators are ‘outraged’ with state process for siting Yates, Somerset turbines 30 Oct 2015
New York Opponents of wind power project offer views to Niagara County Board of Health 26 Oct 2015
New York Wind turbine concerns aired to county health board 23 Oct 2015
New York Section on tax breaks for wind projects expected to be nixed from JCIDA proposal 22 Oct 2015
New York Wind Energy’s True Costs 21 Oct 2015
New York Apex's land value impact claims are deceiving 15 Oct 2015
New York Wind survey delay, postings lead to confusion in Yates 10 Oct 2015
New York JCIDA proposal described as ‘workaround’ to get tax break OK’d for Galloo Island wind project 8 Oct 2015
New York Cassadaga board hears wind farm update 26 Sep 2015
New York Clarkson exploring impact of Galloo Island wind project on Henderson 16 Sep 2015
New York Town of Somerset hires Vacco in legal fight against Apex wind power project 11 Sep 2015
New York Vermont New underwater power transmission line proposed 9 Sep 2015
New York Developer hopes to bring 50-100 more wind turbines to Clinton County 3 Sep 2015
New York Lewis County Planning Board approves amended Copenhagen wind project 21 Aug 2015
New York Bellmont wind farm project expected to have different look 19 Aug 2015
New York Energy groups wary of NYSERDA proposal to allow utilities to own wind and solar farms 13 Aug 2015
New York Niagara Legislature opposes Somerset windmills, questions Pendleton compressor 5 Aug 2015
New York Wind turbines denied in Hamburg 5 Aug 2015
New York Court date set in Yates wind project suit 2 Aug 2015
New York Henderson plans nearly $20,000 study to have ‘guns loaded’ against Galloo Island wind project 28 Jul 2015
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