Library from New York

New York Cornell Student on Mount Pleasant 15 Apr 2005
New York Cornell halts planning for wind project 15 Apr 2005
New York The Myopic View of Wind power 11 Mar 2005
New York Hudson River Sloop Clearwater endorsed a proposed wind turbine park 28 Feb 2005
USA New York The Effects of Integrating Wind Power on Transmission System Planning, Reliability, and Operations:Report on Phase 2: System Performance Evaluation 3 Feb 2005
New York Letter of NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation to Chautauqua Power re. Avian Risk 31 Dec 2004
New York Comments of the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. on Proposed Rulemaking 22 Dec 2004
New York Chautauqua County Citizens for Responsible Wind Power to NYS Energy Research and Development Authority 11 Nov 2004
New York Against the Wind- In Fenner, Wind Farm Developers made and broke many promises 3 Nov 2004
New York Our Fenner Wind Farm Story 1 Nov 2004
New York Windfarm Prattsburgh: Final Public Scoping Document for the NYS Environmental Quality Review 1 Nov 2004
New York Common Misconceptions about Commercial Wind Power 1 Oct 2004
USA New York Critical review of Chautauqua Windpower, LLC Avian Risk Assessment 6 Jul 2004
New York NYS PSC: Order Granting a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and Providing for Lightened Regulation 5 May 2004
New York The Effects of Integrating Wind Power on Transmission System Planning, Reliability and Operations 2 Feb 2004
New York Easement - Zilkha Renewable Energy 1 Jan 2004
USA New York Rethinking Wind Power: Is this what we really want? 1 Jan 2004
New York “How can anyone be against wind power?” 1 Jan 2004
New York Lease - Zilkha Renewable Energy 1 Jan 2004
New York Fenner Windplant, NY (30 MW): 2002 & 2004 Capacity Factor by Month and Annual Average 1 Jan 2004
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