Articles from New York

Town eyes tower power plan

GREENFIELD -- An Irish company wants to build 20 to 30 electricity-generating wind turbines atop a mountain near Lake Desolation in the town of Greenfield. The question is, do people in Greenfield want wind turbines in their town?
26 Apr 2006

Wind turbine firm files complaint

ITALY — A Buffalo-area wind turbine company has filed a complaint, saying the town’s six-month extension on its wind turbine moratorium unlawfully prevents the firm from building the electricity substation it would need for its Steuben County generators.
21 Apr 2006

Windmill Hater Spins Round

ARKPORT, New York -- Upstate New York's continuing battle over wind farms just took a weird and interesting turn: One of the biggest opponents has flipped and now supports the construction of large wind farms -- as long as they're built his way.
11 Apr 2006

Veto battle over surcharges looms

ALBANY -- One of the first veto battles of this year's legislative session may start today as observers predict Gov. George Pataki will nix a proposal to shift control of some $200 million worth of utility surcharges from a state agency to the Legislature.
10 Apr 2006
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