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Clayton proposes banning industrial turbines in reaction to Horse Creek wind project

Under a proposed amendment to the town’s zoning law, the Wind Energy Facility Overlay District would be removed from the town’s southern end, where Iberdrola Renewables is planning its project. Turbines are currently permitted within the overlay district if they comply with permitting rules and the current wind law, but they’d be banned altogether if the proposed law and amendment are approved.
11 Mar 2016

Wind law revisions move quickly

Simon anticipates the whole process to be completed in April, months ahead of when Apex Clean Energy plans to submit an application to a state siting board for a 201-megawatt wind energy network. Somerset, where two-thirds of the potential land is targeted for Apex’s intended network, has already completed a local law revision. Simon said Yates’ new law would be roughly the same to their neighbor’s, with some changes specific to Yates.
8 Mar 2016

Opposition to Somerset wind turbines

I am tired of hearing from leaseholders that they should be able to do what they want with their land. I can’t put a small one story shed within 15 ft. of the property line with my neighbor but they should be able to put a 600 ft. industrial structure across the road from me? What is right or fair about that? These turbines will be lit, noisy, and create shadow flicker and infrasound; even Apex acknowledges some of the negative consequences, although they try to minimize them by calling them “annoyances”.
5 Mar 2016

Apex reviewing code of conduct

“The Attorney General’s Office has recently provided Lighthouse Wind and other wind developers in New York with an updated code of conduct agreement to review,” the company said. ...Lighthouse Wind said it is complying with most of the code.
3 Mar 2016

Why has Apex not signed the code of conduct?

Apex’s delay in signing and complying with the Code of Conduct adds to the ongoing experiences of citizens who have had questions addressed by Apex with “you’ll find out later” type of language. People want disclosure. Let us know your plans.
29 Feb 2016

Somerset passes controversial wind power law

Norris said the law requires wind developers to pay for a baseline study of the health of residents who want to take part. Developers would have to pay reimbursements to property owners whose land values fall because of turbines within two miles, and sets rules for decommissioning unused windmills. Quarles said Apex still intends to file its final application, including specific turbine locations, this summer.
25 Feb 2016

Wind developer renews several land leases in Clayton, Orleans, Brownville and Lyme

The developer of the Horse Creek wind project recently renewed and updated several land leases across towns of Clayton, Orleans, Brownville and Lyme, according to Jefferson County property records. Records show that Iberdrola Renewables has finalized 15 such lease agreements this year under the name of its subsidiary, Atlantic Wind LLC. Those agreements — all recorded by the county in February — re-establish lease agreements dating back to 2006.
17 Feb 2016

Orangeville Wind Farm opponent added to siting board for Lighthouse Wind review

Orleans County’s representative on an Article X siting board for the Lighthouse Wind project remains a mystery, but their locally-nominated colleague has been changed to someone well-versed in the battles over wind energy. Cathi Orr found out late last week she — and not Randall Atwater as previously reported — has been appointed by State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan as one of two locally-nominated members of the siting board.
15 Feb 2016

113-foot blade falls off Fenner windmill; Bolt failure

Wind_turbine_fenner_thumb There were two big booms when it happened, one when it hit and then another when it probably flipped over,” said Fenner resident Dick Foringer, who lives about 900 feet away. ...Editor's note: Mr. Foringer confirmed by phone that the initial impact crater was 323 feet from the base of the turbine. The blade then bounced, and ultimately landed 471 feet from the base. 
12 Feb 2016

Horse Creek wind project in Clayton could expand into Orleans, Lyme and Brownville

A representative from Iberdrola Renewables confirmed the plan for the towers, which are used to measure wind speeds, during a pre-application meeting held earlier this month by the town Planning Board, according to Supervisor David M. Storandt Jr. The developer has proposed to put up three towers within the town, he said, including one north of the Chaumont River that probably won’t be approved because it’s outside the town’s wind overlay district.
11 Feb 2016

Enfield Residents Slow Down the Wind

However, residents of Enfield, where the wind farm is planned, objected, saying they have health and safety concerns that have not been addressed. Mimi Mehaffey, of Bostwick Road, said she lives in an earth-berm passive solar house. “Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder what more I could be doing to avert the doom of climate change,” she said. “[But] the health and safety issues with the wind farm are real. Slow down this process, and site the turbines correctly. Please allow the Enfield Town Board to work without interference.” 
11 Feb 2016

Wind company's desperation showed at Somerset hearing

With Apex's reputation in other wind projects prompting thoughts of snake oil salesmen, the Town of Somerset is right to do its due diligence to protect the natural environment, residents' health, safety, welfare and property values, and the town's own comprehensive plan. ...The biggest insult is that out-of-state Apex LLC tried to intimidate the Somerset Town Board with a veiled suggestion of a lawsuit. 
7 Feb 2016

Tompkins residents flood legislature chambers to speak on wind farm

The original language resolved, "That the Tompkins County Legislature supports the development of the Black Oak Wind Farm Project without further delay." The "without further delay" was changed to "in a timely manner," to reaffirm that project was Enfield's decision and that the legislature was not trying to push the project forward without allowing the town time to do its due diligence.
5 Feb 2016

Town Residents Oppose Location of Windfarm

Over 180 residents of Enfield have signed a petition asking the town to amend its laws regarding wind turbine noise levels, and to delay the project until these issues are addressed. “The residents who live where this project is being built are asking the Town of Enfield to pause long enough to review the law that was passed seven years ago.
5 Feb 2016

Somerset divided over wind energy law

The 54-page proposed law restricts any wind energy systems from being built in residential or business districts or within the boundaries of the town's local waterfront revitalization program. The revised law was created with the help of an ad hoc committee that included town officials and residents appointed by the town and Apex. ...​Taylor Quarles, development manger for Apex Clean Energy, said the amended law is effectively a ban on wind energy in the town.
2 Feb 2016
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