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Atlantic Wind submits revised public involvement plan for Horse Creek Wind Farm

Atlantic Wind LLC and their legal representatives from Young/Sommer LLC revised numerous sections of their public involvement plan to clarify their area study, area boundaries and public involvement, but while all of the concerns expressed by the state Department of Public Service were noted, not all of them were addressed in the revisions for the Horse Creek Wind Farm.
24 Aug 2016

Can't Apex Clean Energy take a hint?

Despite overwhelming public rejection, Apex pushes on with Project Lighthouse Wind, under the authority of the recently passed Article X of the state Public Service law. This law stripped local governments of the ability to decide the fate of this project and placed that authority in the hands of a siting board dominated by Albany politicians. Big business and big government are therefore in control of our community and our destiny. 
13 Aug 2016

Keep wind project out of my backyard

We do not want our area to become an industrial wasteland. We do not want our health compromised. We do not want our eagles, bats and migratory birds slaughtered. We do not want our dark skies cluttered with flashing lights. We do not want to be subjected to the torture of shadow flicker, infrasound and incessant wind turbine noise. We do not want our rights as landowners removed by Article X.
9 Aug 2016

New York abets Apex's assault on our community

Despite overwhelming opposition to the Lighthouse Wind project, Big Wind LLC, also known as Apex Clean Energy LLC, remains intent on assaulting Somerset and Yates citizens. Apex's unscrupulous history of spreading misinformation is most troubling. Even worse is the apparent collusion between Apex and New York State’s bureaucracies. 
8 Aug 2016

Grindstone Islanders hear about wind; board tours cemetery, schoolhouse

 "They say their windmills will be 500 feet high, but they may be more like 600 feet or more. That's five times higher than St. Mary's steeple," Grindstone Islander Chuck Ebbing stated.   "I told our grandchildren that if we are not careful all they will see when they look at Clayton is a field of blinking lights," he told the board and audience at Dodge Hall, where the meeting was held.
3 Aug 2016

After renewable policies win approval, questions linger about transmission needs

New York just passed one of the nation’s strongest renewable energy policies, but the plan for building out the transmission lines it will need to implement those policies is more uncertain. On Monday, the state Public Service Commission passed the Clean Energy Standard, which mandates that renewables power half of New York’s power grid by 2030, and provides more than $1 billion in subsidies for financially challenged nuclear facilities that would otherwise close.
3 Aug 2016

Winds of discontent blow over Lake Ontario towns eyed for turbines

But local residents see the prospect of turbines differently, and that has broken long friendships and created deep rifts in the two towns where they would rise. “We’re in the fight of our lives here,” said John Riggi of Yates, who fears the character of his Orleans County town would be ruined if a state siting board approves the Lighthouse Wind project.
31 Jul 2016
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