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Air Force concerns put wind farm's future up in the air

The U.S. Air Force determined 61 of the proposed 114 turbines would get in the way of military training flight paths could not be completed. The conclusion irked New Mexico State Land Office Commissioner Aubrey Dunn, who called the decision "military tyranny." Dunn was told just a few weeks ago that nearly half the turbines could not be built.
5 Mar 2018

Headwinds for massive wind power project

Indeed, the Sagamore project, for all its heralded economic benefit, has faced headwinds. And as the parties prepare to go before a hearing examiner later this month, the utility has offered revisions to its ambitious proposal, hoping to allay regulatory staff reservations and conservationist concerns and ultimately gain approval for what would be the largest wind farm in New Mexico.
20 Nov 2017

Fishing Groups and communities move forward with suit against NY wind farm

BOEM’s failure to consider the impacts to fisheries, safety, navigation and other natural resources in the NY WEA prior to moving forward with the leasing process also violates the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA), which charges BOEM with considering and providing for existing ocean users. And BOEM’s actions violate the Administrative Procedure Act, which prohibits agencies from acting in ways that are arbitrary, capricious, and contrary to law.
19 Sep 2017

Wind turbines: Boom or Blight?

Representatives of two companies lay out plans for use of wind power in Lincoln County; Commercial operations must be underway by late 2020 Wind farms will allow families to preserve their ranches and pass them down to children and grandchildren, supporters say.
21 Apr 2017

House votes to roll back 2020 renewable energy standard

Paul Gessing, president of the Rio Grande Foundation, has argued that renewable energy standards drive up electricity prices. He contends that New Mexico’s adoption of the renewable energy standard in 2007 — along with regulations spelling out how much wind and solar could be a part of an investor-owned utility’s portfolio — led to a spike in electricity prices.
13 Mar 2015

Lovely detritus, ugly innovation: Kevin O’Connell evaluates the nation’s energy infrastructure

I started thinking about it in a larger context, how the Great Plains have been this really abused area of the country. You can go back to the buffalo hunts and the genocides of Native Americans. We have nuclear weapons out there. We’ve drilled and spilled oil and gas, and now we’re fracking and building wind turbines. Most people don’t see this area. It’s flyover country. When you spend a lot of time there it really hits home what we’re doing in the name of consumption and the whole sociological impact people have on the environment.”
13 Feb 2014

PRC’s rule change is boon for solar industry

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission reversed an earlier decision Wednesday, voting 3-2 to make the value of solar energy equal to the value of wind energy for the state’s power companies. In November, the commission voted to make 1 kilowatt-hour of solar energy worth two renewable energy certificates. It left wind at a 1-to-1 ratio.
19 Dec 2013

New Mexico utilities permitted to use less renewable energy

The rule, passed less than a year ago, establishes how much wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energy can be added by utilities in order to comply with the state’s renewable portfolio standard — a law requiring a certain percentage of the state’s electricity come from clean energy sources. After the PRC’s vote, one kilowatt-hour of wind energy will still be worth one certificate. But one kilowatt-hour of solar energy will now be worth two certificates, and one kilowatt-hour of other types of renewable energy, such as biomass or geothermal, will be worth three certificates.
28 Nov 2013

NM auctions off 40,000 acres for $1,000 for major wind farm

Craig Johnson, a State Land Office auctioneer, supervised the bidding on the steps of the Torrance County courthouse. The outcome, however, was a foregone conclusion, in that Pacific Wind Development was the only bidder to submit the required documents – and nearly $89,000 in deposits and fees – before the 4 p.m. cutoff on Sept. 13.
27 Sep 2013

PRC opts to revisit renewable energy cost rules

State regulators voted unanimously Wednesday to cancel a planned public hearing next week over a controversial rule that defines and caps the costs of renewable energy to public utilities and their customers. The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission also voted to launch a whole new rule-making for the so-called reasonable cost threshold.
4 May 2013
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