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Wind power versus vistas: Residents want 3-mile setback for utility-scale project

A proposed wind farm by Chicago-based Invenergy, on mesa-top trust land leased from the New Mexico State Land Office, prompted an immediate backlash from nearby villages and a call for more space between the farm and private homes. The residents living near and on Bernal Mesa, where the wind farm is proposed, want a three-mile setback from the closest residences.
13 Dec 2010

Cap and trade could hike electricity rate

Electricity rates could increase 1 percent annually until 2020 for residential customers and 2 to 2.5 percent for industrial customers, said Mike Sims, generation manager for the electric utility. The average residential customer pays $70 each month for electricity. "It's going to definitely increase our costs," Sims said.
9 Nov 2010

Serving up feathered bait to attract ecosystem data

As more giant wind farms are erected, an increasing number of hawks are slashed and killed by turbine blades. Oil and gas exploration is fragmenting many hawk habitats. Urban-suburban growth, pesticides, herbicides, electricity lines and climate change are other stressors, he said. The only way to understand what is happening to hawks is to collect data over many decades.
26 Oct 2010

Residents express concern over wind turbines

One of the concerns expressed by area residents was building wind turbines on their property, Bauer said. Bauer said Cannon AFB officials must be notified if turbines are built, because anything taller 75 feet tall can potentially interfere with the base’s radar systems.
31 Aug 2010

Wind farm faces opposition

Opposition to a possible Invenergy development in San Miguel started mounting two years ago as word spread that the company was looking to lease land and obtain easements from area residents. It was also in 2008 that Invenergy signed a two-year lease option with the State Land Office for 7,063 acres of state trust land atop a mesa near Bernal.
8 Aug 2010

Firm: Rules would kill wind project

The company that plans a wind farm in the Valley says a proposed three-mile setback from homes would kill the project. Mark Jacobson, business development director for Chicago-based Invenergy, told the San Miguel County Commission this week that the three-mile rule would be far more than what other counties with wind farms require.
6 Aug 2010

Luna County takes step closer to wind energy

An inducement resolution to pave the way for the Macho Springs Wind Energy Project was unanimously approved during a Thursday special meeting of the Luna County Board of Commissioners. The resolution is the first of many steps to help Oregon-based Element Power erect 28 wind turbines in Northeastern Luna County.
23 Jul 2010

Wind energy project stokes fire

A local rancher, Joe Bill Nunn, whose family owns ranches in the area, voiced concerns that wind turbine development could not only hurt the aesthetic value of the grasslands, but the property value as well. "We don't want to sell our property," Nunn told commissioners. "We plan on dying on this land, but we want to preserve the value of these lands.
15 Jul 2010

Public scopes out plans for transmission line project

High voltage transmission lines were the topic of discussion at a public scoping meeting put on by the Bureau of Land Management, the lead agency that oversees the environmental impact statement and possible resource management plans for the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project. About 90 residents attended the open house Tuesday, April 27, hoping to gather additional information.
1 May 2010

Plan for turbines runs into trouble

A proposal for a grid of 400-foot-high wind turbines miles northwest of Taos has hit some turbulence. The wind farm plan by Taos Wind Power LLC, was blocked by the Taos County Commission last week when it reversed earlier approval by the county Planning Commission.
11 Jan 2010

Renewable energy gets a greenlight from NM Public Regulation Commission

New Mexico's Public Regulation Commission ruled yesterday that companies that place renewable energy installations on the property of a customer and then sell the energy from the installation to the customer shouldn't be regulated as public utilities. ...renewable energy companies and advocates protested, saying the regulation of such on-site energy production would harm the burgeoning clean energy economy.
23 Dec 2009

County denies wind farm plan on appeal

A year after it was granted preliminary approval, a proposed wind farm near Tres Piedras met with denial by the Taos County Commission. ...The county's formal findings and conclusions will be brought before the commission for approval Jan. 5, after which the applicant will have 30 days to appeal the commission's decision. "There were a lot of problems with that application," Martínez said. "I think it would be irresponsible to come in with the same application."
22 Dec 2009

NM report says transmission key to renewable power

New Mexico has huge potential to produce electricity from renewable sources but a small window to develop transmission lines to deliver that power to customers, a lawmaker said Tuesday after listening to a report on the issue. The state Renewable Energy Transmission Authority presented its first statewide transmission report to an interim legislative committee.
1 Dec 2009

N.M. power up for grabs; Company wants to access various energy sources in New Mexico

Moving renewable energy resources from where they could be produced to where they have a market is the goal of one of the biggest electric transmission projects conceived of in the United States. The name of the project is SunZia Southwest and what the company wants to do is take a fiber cable 460 miles from the southeastern New Mexico area to the Phoenix area. ...The ballpark figure for the completed power transmission line is $1.5 billion, Crane said. "This is a very big project," Crane said. "It is important to understand the primary purpose is to enable renewable resources.
1 Nov 2009

SunZia power transmission line could run through White Sands, Las Cruces

A power transmission line that could be the first in the United States to transport renewable energy might pass through Las Cruces and White Sands Missile Range, according to preliminary plans of the SunZia Transmission Project. A public scoping meeting was conducted Monday at Court Youth Center to provide interested residents with information about the project. Plans call for wind energy generated in east-central New Mexico, near Clovis, to be transported 460 to 560 miles to a substation in south-central Arizona.
27 Oct 2009

Windmill proposal draws concern of Bayshore group

Bayshore environmental group the Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance (HAQLA) is opposing a proposal that would place a 380-foot-tall windmill near a residential area along the coastline. HAQLA President John M. Curran III has written to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Monmouth County Freeholders in opposition to the wind turbine project proposed for Union Beach ...Curran calls for a countywide moratorium on wind towers/turbines "until the county and towns establish effective, controlling ordinances and regulations" governing renewable energy projects.
15 Oct 2009

Prairie grouse could hamper wind energy growth

Should the lesser prairie chicken become listed as threatened or endangered - and it's close now - there would be significant restrictions on companies hoping to plant towering turbines across a five-state region believed to have some of the nation's best wind energy potential. "We've never seen the likes of this," said Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wildlife biologist Heather Whitlaw, who is part of conservation efforts with the other states and believes the bird could be listed within two years. "Anybody who puts anything on our landscape would be evaluated in one form or another."
4 Aug 2009
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