Articles filed under Legal from New Hampshire

Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Fishermen seek delay in Gulf of Maine offshore wind planning 16 Apr
New Hampshire State's high court shoots down appeal against Antrim Wind; project can go forward 14 May 2018
New Hampshire State‚Äôs highest court hears Antrim Wind appeal arguments 29 Jan 2018
New Hampshire Antrim Wind Farm proposal headed to state Supreme Court 4 Aug 2017
New Hampshire Opponents of Antrim Wind Project Appeal to Supreme Court 7 Jun 2017
New Hampshire Antrim Wind project gets go-ahead again, could be appeal to N.H. Supreme Court 6 May 2017
New Hampshire Antrim Wind project blown off course 26 Apr 2017
New Hampshire Attorney general opposes committee's ruling on Antrim wind project 25 Apr 2017
New Hampshire Suit looks to block Northern Pass 20 Nov 2015
New Hampshire State asked to re-evaluate Livermore Falls settlement deal 12 Aug 2014
New Hampshire Settlement reached between Groton Wind and state AG's office 22 Jul 2014
New Hampshire Legal fund will back Alexandria in wind farm case 27 Jun 2014
New Hampshire Negotiators agree on NH wind farm criteria and divestiture 28 May 2014
New Hampshire Wind power company criticized for response to state regarding Alexandria proposal 20 Jan 2014
New Hampshire State to hear complaints about Groton Wind farm 17 Jan 2014
New Hampshire State has questions on Iberdrola wind farm application 15 Jan 2014
New Hampshire Man says Groton Wind turbine project turned his dream house into nightmare 2 Jan 2014
New Hampshire Groton wind farm issues prompt state to set hearings 6 Nov 2013
New Hampshire Iberdrola may lose permit to operate Groton Wind Farm 5 Nov 2013
New Hampshire Wind farm approvals remanded back to zoning board 12 Aug 2013
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