Articles from New Hampshire

New Hampshire Antrim Wind project gets go-ahead again, could be appeal to N.H. Supreme Court 6 May 2017
New Hampshire Antrim Wind project blown off course 26 Apr 2017
New Hampshire Attorney general opposes committee's ruling on Antrim wind project 25 Apr 2017
New Hampshire Project manager says Spruce Ridge Wind Farm proposal likely to return 25 Apr 2017
New Hampshire Wind Turbine Proposal Withdrawn 22 Apr 2017
New Hampshire Antrim residents strike down acquisition of conservation easement 21 Mar 2017
New Hampshire Company won’t build test tower in Alexandria 10 Mar 2017
New Hampshire Board wants Antrim Wind to pay $100K 9 Mar 2017
New Hampshire Antrim has shelled out $100,000 to cover wind energy legal fees 2 Mar 2017
New Hampshire Antrim Conservation Commission rejects role in wind project 2 Feb 2017
New Hampshire Sununu sets sights on lowering N.H.'s electric bills — but getting there won't be easy 12 Jan 2017
Connecticut New Hampshire Hey Connecticut, Vermont ridgelines, meadows are not for sale 9 Jan 2017
New Hampshire Energy policy shouldn’t override conservation policy 8 Jan 2017
New Hampshire The real price of megawatts, no matter the source 20 Dec 2016
New Hampshire Response to wind decision is mixed 15 Dec 2016
New Hampshire Wind farm project OK'd for Antrim 15 Dec 2016
New Hampshire Conservancy didn't explicitly support Antrim Wind 13 Dec 2016
New Hampshire Antrim Wind gets approval from SEC 13 Dec 2016
New Hampshire Antrim Wind is bad deal for town and state 8 Dec 2016
New Hampshire Researchers Warn of Ice-Throw Danger From Wind Turbines at Balsams 30 Nov 2016
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