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Wind energy moratorium proposal gains momentum in New Hampshire

Last month, New Hampshire state lawmakers quietly introduced a bill that would suspend further wind project development in the Granite State. More than a month later, that proposal is gaining considerable attention from both state representatives and local residents, some of whom claim that wind turbines have damaging effects on tourism and property values.
21 Feb 2013

Hey NH Sierra Club: Stop sucking the wind-pipe!

You'd think Sierra Club would know all too well that sustainable means more than just non-fossil fuels; it means workable, realistic and supporting local community over big global corporations. Apparently Sierra Club forgot about that part of the concept of renewable energy development; that sustainable means community supported and community supporting.
20 Feb 2013

Several hundred attend wind farm moratorium hearing

Labor and business groups were outnumbered today in a hearing to put a moratorium on any wind farm or electrical transmission line project. House Bill 580 calls for an energy plan to be written before permits are issued for projects such as Northern Pass or wind farms such as the one on Tenney Mountain in Plymouth.
20 Feb 2013

Wind farm opponents speak in favor of moratorium

Those supporting the moratorium heavily outnumbered those opposed to the bill. Many traveled from northern parts of the state to explain why they think the wind turbines aren't a good fit for their communities. "When does a private company in search of profit have more rights than the private citizen who owns property in the state of New Hampshire?"
19 Feb 2013

Wind farm opponents: Slow down

"The NLRA believes that the state should enact a moratorium on all pending and proposed commercial wind projects until a comprehensive energy plan can be prepared to guide state energy policy toward a more carbon-free, cost-effective, locally produced, and high-efficiency energy environment which does not sacrifice the quality of life that supports our economy."
18 Feb 2013

Get involved now or hold your peace on wind farms scarring N.H.

A moratorium on Big Wind Farms in New Hampshire, makes absolute sense. I applaud Representative Harold "Skip" Reilly (R-Grafton) for his forward thinking on this matter. Reilly has proposed legislation calling for a moratorium on all wind power construction until the state updates its energy plan. (HB-580 and HB-484). Get back to basics and start asking important questions.
15 Feb 2013

Northern Pass seen as focus of five bills

"Recently we have seen a number of proposals for new energy facilities, specifically wind farms and transmission lines, that will have an important and lasting impact on our state," Arnold said. Arnold said the Legislature should act quickly on a bill giving the SEC a broad range of authority in considering proposed facilities.
13 Feb 2013

State rejects Antrim wind project

"The committee deliberated for three full days after hearing more than 11 days of evidence and ultimately decided the project would cause an adverse effect to the aesthetics of the area primarily because of the visual impact," SEC attorney Michael Iacopino said. The project's nearness to the New Hampshire Audubon-held Willard Pond Wildlife Sanctuary played a part in the decision, as well as the opposition voiced both in testimony and written statements.
12 Feb 2013

Wind farm giant goes after 'myths'

Woody Miller, a realtor at Coldwell Bank and Old Mill Properties in Bristol, said the Groton wind farm has likely already slowed the sale of one of his properties in neighboring Rumney. "I would argue that wind farms here will have a substantial effect on fair-market property values. If you eliminate even a few of the pool of potential buyers for a particular property, it hurts property sales and therefore values."
11 Feb 2013

NH moratorium in order for energy projects

Sustainability is not, or should not be, a political issue. Real conservatives recognize the need to husband resources and live within their means. Real progressives understand the cannibalizing of nature can only lead to "death by a thousand cuts." These truths are relevant to the current gold rush by energy corporations to cover New Hampshire's landscape with long-distance, high-voltage power lines and wind farms.
10 Feb 2013

RGGI cap reduction plan criticized

Grant Bosse, the editor of New Hampshire Watchdog, said the move by RGGI has little to do with lowering carbon emissions. He said the economic collapse and slow recovery meant fewer emissions, fewer producers purchasing permits, which meant a loss of projected revenue for the nine states. "This has everything to do with revenues and nothing to do with the environment. This is driven by a desire for more state revenue."
8 Feb 2013

New Hampshire is at a crossroads: Towers or tourism?

We are presently at a critical point in New Hampshire. Foreign wind farm companies are rushing to construct huge wind turbine projects along NH's ridgelines, in ways that will forever change the landscape of our state, unless we act now. We need to institute an immediate state-wide moratorium on such projects, before we reach the point of no return.
8 Feb 2013

SEC rules against Antrim wind farm

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee rejected approval of a proposed 10-turbine wind project late Thursday, but the company behind Antrim Wind Energy said it is still considering the options following the highly anticipated ruling.
8 Feb 2013
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