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Big Timber wind farm in jeopardy

The PSC set the price Greycliff could charge NorthWestern Energy at $45.49 per megawatt hour, about 16 percent lower than the price needed to make the wind farm profitable. Greycliff was first proposed seven years ago. ...Greycliff needed a price in the mid-$50s, which would have been similar to the wind energy rate for Spion Kop Wind Project, 
20 Jul 2016

Arcadia Power pitches Bozeman on wind power: but how does it work?

Customers who sign up send their energy bills to Arcadia and pay a small premium — about 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour of energy used. Arcadia then pays NorthWestern its share of the bill and uses the premium to invest in wind projects around the nation — none in Montana — with each investment theoretically offsetting carbon emissions used to provide that customer with power.
7 Feb 2016

Overcoming hurdles on the road to wind development

Between Livingston and Billings the freeway passes through little towns easily forgotten, like Greycliff, a small community 10 miles east of Big Timber. The wind whips through there, which excites Rhyno Stinchfield. What’s an annoyance for some is opportunity to him.
20 Sep 2015

Wind farm developers face strong regulatory headwinds, press on

The developers still have to persuade the Public Service Commission that there’s enough local ownership of the project to qualify as a Community Renewable Energy Project. In June, the PSC rejected Greycliff Wind because it wasn’t convinced that local owners had a 50 percent stake in the income, equity and voting rights of the company.
8 Aug 2015

Split PSC shoots down NWE bid to buy wind power from Montana project

Commission Chairman Bill Gallagher, R-Helena, led the argument against the Greenfield contract, saying there would be many times during the 25-year contract that NorthWestern wouldn’t need the power it had to buy from Greenfield. NorthWestern then would have to sell that excess power into the market, sometimes at a loss, and “the difference in that price is going to be left to the consumer,” he said.
19 Dec 2014

NaturEner denies fraud claim

Spanish developer NaturEner is denying fraud allegations by California offtaker San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in a legal dispute over the 189MW Rim Rock wind farm in Montana. The utility claims NaturEner fraudulently concealed that the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recommended the developer get an eagle take permit for the project.
1 Apr 2014

NorthWestern works to clamp down on independent, renewable power projects

NorthWestern says it's merely trying to manage its electricity supply and prevent unneeded costs of these contracts from being foisted onto consumers. "There is a limit on how much (wind power) we can have and still have a reliable portfolio for customers," said John Hines, NorthWestern's vice president of electric supply. "There is only so much intermittent (power) supply we can have in our portfolio without substantial changes that we must make."
7 Apr 2013

PSC approves wind power deal on 3-2 vote

"Two Republican commissioners, Bill Gallagher of Helena and Brad Molnar of Laurel, voted against approving the project, saying that allowing NorthWestern to buy the project and charge the costs to ratepayers transfers too much risk to the customer. ...NorthWestern and could shift the risk of its variable costs away from the consumer by arranging to buy just the project's power.
15 Feb 2012

Order of Summary Judgement: Court halts lease of state land to Coyote Wind LLC

Engwis_order_of_summary_judgment_1_thumb A suit filed against the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) challenged the adequacy of the Agency's Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Coyote Wind energy facility. A portion of the wind energy project would be located on State-owned lands. The court found that there was clear and convincing evidence that the DNRC's decision to issue a lease to Coyote Wind was arbitrary and capricious and not in compliance with the law. The ruling by Judge John C. McKeon can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
5 Oct 2011
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