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Controversial wind turbines divide town north of Kansas City, blow out TV reception

The turbines were controversial from the get-go. Farmers who allowed them on their land welcomed the extra cash. They are paid about $8,500 a year for each turbine. ...However, others felt the turbines destroyed the beauty and peacefulness of the area. "We're tried to stay out of it," said Perkins' wife Monica. "It is their property to do whatever they want, but when it starts affecting everyone around them... I don't think that's right."
24 Feb 2017

Windfall: Documenting the backlash against wind energy

The wind industry will no doubt try to dismiss Windfall as a piece of anti-"green" energy agitprop. But the controversies over wind energy development that Israel exposes in Meredith are not going away. Indeed, as the wind industry continues its breakneck expansion here in the US and around the world, the number of controversies like the one in Meredith, along with the number of mad-as-hell landowners like Charlie Porter, will only increase.
29 Sep 2010

Wind energy woes

Charlie Porter has farmed north of King City for years, but it's the new farm next door he says is robbing his family. Talking about the Wind Capital facility nearby, Porter explains, "These windmills have stole our peace and quiet." The massive wind energy farm was built around his ranch a few years ago, changing the look and "sound" of things.
17 Feb 2010

Farmer vs. Missouri's First Wind Farm

Wind farms might reduce air pollution. But, one neighbor in King City, Missouri says they're a major source of noise pollution. Now, the man is suing the operators of Missouri's first wind farm. If wind farms are the nation's future, Charlie Porter says look out. He calls them a nightmare especially when he tries to go to bed at night.
3 Feb 2009

Wind farms stir trouble in northwest Mo.

Here in this northwest Missouri farm town, 27 industrial wind turbines have been generating more than electricity -- health concerns, a federal lawsuit and a family feud, for starters. The wind industry, which produces about 1 percent of the nation's energy, has gained considerable purchase in the U.S, growing by 45 percent last year. ...Now come claims that industrial windmills cause what one researcher calls "wind turbine syndrome," a range of symptoms that include headaches, anxiety, sleep problems and dizziness in some people who live close by. "It's like someone swinging a rope over your head," says Gentry County horse breeder Charlie Porter of the several wind turbines within about 2,000 feet of his home near King City.
21 May 2008

Wind power generating controversy

Two brothers-in-law, a country road in northwest Missouri, a fistfight ...Surely it's happened before, but probably never over wind energy. ...At the heart of the dispute: Just how healthy is the noise from wind turbines? ...In Rock County, Union Township residents studied medical and scientific research for months before drafting their wind ordinance, which says a setback of at least a half-mile from inhabited structures is needed to avoid health problems. Tom Alisankus, chairman of the committee that drafted the ordinance, said committee members found in their research that the state of Wisconsin had no medical or scientific data to back a model ordinance with a 1,000-foot setback. Proposed legislation that would have allowed the state's Public Service Commission to set statewide siting standards failed to reach a vote before the session ended last month. Doctors in other countries, including Canada, England, France, Australia and New Zealand, have written papers about similar illnesses in people who live near wind farms. ..."Does noise bother people differently? Absolutely," said Smith, the area audiologist. "It can have a very debilitating effect." But, he said, before anyone can conclude that the wind turbines are harmful, a major study must be done.
18 Apr 2008
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