Pictures from Minnesota

Minnesota Landscape - Bent Tree wind facility

Wind-journey-1_thumb On Monday, November 7, 2016, Kristi Rosenquist visit with friends in south-central Minnesota. For 5 1/2 years, Kristi's friends have been living with the constant sound and motion of the Bent Tree wind project (200 MW, 122 turbines) owned by Alliant Energy - a life they describe as torture. This is not a unique story. Many people are sick and tortured in industrial wind projects across the globe. Many have left their homes - either abandoned them entirely, or, when possible sold them at a great financial loss to escape. Kristi took these photos and graciously permiited Windaction to post them here.  
7 Nov 2016

Strip mining Minnesota ratepayers

Energy_bill_cartoon-final_05_14_13_thumb The State of Minnesota is considering a bill that would increase the State's renewable mandate to 40% including a 10% solar carve-out. The bill is in conference but it appears rural legislators in both parties are reluctant to pass it through. Cartoonist Marie McNamara created this political cartoon to emphasize the mentality of lobbyists at the Capitol and the effect of the 40% mandate on Minnesota rate payers and businesses.
17 May 2013

Turbine burns at Ewington wind farm

Suzlonturbinefire1_thumb Smoke pours from the top and bottom of one of the wind turbines at the Ewington Wind Farm near the Heron Lake exit north of Interstate 90 Wednesday (Mar 26) morning. The Brewster and Okabena Fire Departments responded to the scene, but upon the advice of Suzlon Wind Energy officials, the fire was allowed to burn itself out. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)
28 Mar 2008

Repairing a wind turbine

Turbine_under_repair_thumb Technicians remove the blade assembly on Carleton College’s wind generator as the gearbox undergoes repair. The two-month process of fixing it involved finding a crane tall enough and heavy enough to remove the giant blade assembly from the top of the 230-foot tower. The crane was on site almost three weeks, at a cost of $5,000 a day. The wind turbine was erected in Sep 2004.
11 Dec 2007


News1_thumb A wind turbine tower waits to be built in a forest of already constructed towers on land just north of Taopi in this file photo.
28 Dec 2006
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