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Minnesota Excelsior man convicted after stealing millions from customers in wind energy scheme 30 Aug 2018
Minnesota Wind Farm Nuisance Matter Resolved – Buy the Homeowners Out! 8 Jun 2018
Minnesota Administrative law judge says PUC should reject Freeborn County wind project 18 May 2018
Minnesota Freeborn Wind LLC Order Denying Permit 14 May 2018
Minnesota South Dakota Wind company clarifies judge’s decision for Clark County 16 Aug 2017
Minnesota Appeals court upholds ruling against Minnesota power law 15 Jun 2016
Minnesota Illegal wind turbine leaves green energy entrepreneur spinning in jail 7 Oct 2015
Minnesota Judge orders new power lines in Crow Wing Power stray voltage case 13 May 2015
Minnesota Orono's wind turbine dispute almost leads to jail time 19 Feb 2015
Minnesota Owners of two Minnesota wind farms file for bankruptcy court protection 8 Jan 2015
Minnesota Minnesota farm awarded record $6.3M in ‘stray voltage’ lawsuit 25 Oct 2014
Minnesota Wind turbine case picks up in district court 5 Aug 2014
Minnesota Orono Man Faces Possible Jail Time for Wind Turbine 1 Jul 2014
Minnesota Dispute over paying for Minnesota wind turbines generates lawsuit 31 Jan 2014
Minnesota Juhl seeks dismissal of Winona County wind project lawsuit 31 Jan 2014
Minnesota Winona County wind project controversy lands in U.S. District Court 13 Dec 2013
Minnesota Juhl Energy, Winona County Wind, sued for millions 8 Dec 2013
Minnesota Minnesota PUC order on New Era (AWA Goodhue) Wind 26 Jul 2013
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