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Energy firm to put solar array near wind farms

Southwest Minnesota is home to more than 70 wind farms ...But the turbines spin intermittently, with peak output generally in the spring and fall. In addition, wind often is stronger at night than by day. Chris Little, director of development for Ecos, said he hopes the project answers the question: "Could you fill that gap with another energy resource that might complement the wind?"
26 Jan 2012

DNR, U.S. Fish & Wildlife criticize Goodhue County wind project

"The service recommends AWA Wind analyzes the data they have collected, rather than attempt to extrapolate potential data," wrote Tony Sullins, USFWS field supervisor. Turbine shut downs were also recommended as a potential mitigation plan, while calls for clarification and more data were common — though bald eagle issues were most prevalent.
21 Jan 2012

Wind farm tensions flare over eagle study

To date, there are only five known instances in North America of bald eagles killed by wind turbines, said Rich Davis, a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who has been monitoring the project for two years. But the Goodhue project is the first to be constructed in an area widely used by both bald and golden eagles for nesting and migrating, he said.
17 Dec 2011

Wind company suing Belle Creek Township

The summons also says that AWA Goodhue "will potentially suffer irreparable harm" if Belle Creek is allowed to interfere with its rights under the site permit to proceed with developing the project, and attorneys argue that the wind company is entitled to an injunction preventing the township from any such interference.
17 Dec 2011

Stimulus funding for controversial wind farm up in air

An initiative led by Congressman John Kline (MN-R) would do more than terminate the federal stimulus renewable energy program that funded the bankrupt $535 million notorious Solyndra solar power project. If successful, it would also knock the wind out of a key funding source for one of the nation's most controversial wind projects -T. Boone Pickens' proposed $180 million AWA Goodhue Wind farm in Kline's congressional district.
16 Dec 2011

Xcel puts off power plant upgrades

Xcel is far enough ahead in building or buying wind energy that it can stand pat with what it has and reassess in a couple years, McCarten said. The utility gets 17 percent of its electricity from renewable resources like wind and still can get to a state mandate of 30 percent by 2020 with its present resources.
2 Dec 2011

Belle Creek township to appeal wind farm decision

"Since the county won't fight it, we felt that we will," Ryan said. "Generally speaking, I would say that 80 percent of the citizens of Belle Creek wanted us to appeal, so that's probably one of the main reasons why we decided to appeal." The turbine project has generated strong opposition.
1 Dec 2011

Laws murky in battle over wind power

The battle began last fall when the city informed him that a turbine wasn't allowed under the city code. He ignored that opinion and erected it anyway, only to be served with a suit ..."This is nuts -- I'm not trying to build a wind farm," he said.
27 Nov 2011

County will not appeal in wind case

Goodhue County will not join citizen groups Coalition for Sensible Citing and Goodhue Wind Truth as they file for appeal in the case against AWA Goodhue Wind. The Goodhue County Board voted 2-2 Tuesday to file for appeal, but since there was no majority, the motion failed.
18 Nov 2011
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