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Intrigue swirls in AWA Goodhue wind project

In the last two weeks, Minneola and Belle Creek townships have both tabled negotiations with the wind company on required road-use agreements. Perhaps more importantly, multiple reports have surfaced this week that Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens may want out as an investor in the $180 million project.
12 May 2012

Players in Goodhue County wind debate await next court ruling

After the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission decided Goodhue County's 10-rotor diameter zoning setback for wind turbines wasn't necessary, concerned citizens rallied together to ask the PUC for a reconsideration. Now, if Coalition for Sensible Siting isn't satisfied with the court's decision, ...they've been told by a few lawyers that this is a great case to take to the Supreme Court."
28 Apr 2012

AWA Goodhue wind project lands in appellate court

Dan Schleck, the attorney representing the Coalition of Sensible Siting, told the panel of three administrative law judges that the PUC "failed to use the proper standard" and "errored" when trying to establish "good cause" to overrule local authority as established by state statute. Further, Schleck argued that Minnesota's renewable energy standard adopted in 2007 cannot be used as a means to supersede local control.
25 Apr 2012

Wind turbines need a separate noise standard

"We don't have a noise standard that's designed to work for turbines," said Commissioner Paul Aasen, Dayton's appointee to Minnesota's Pollution Control Agency. Yet, the distance between an industrial wind turbine and your house is determined using the state's noise standard.
24 Apr 2012

Attorneys opposed to Goodhue wind farm cited for not registering as lobbyists

Carol Overland of Goodhue Wind Truth and Dan Schleck of Coalition for Sensible Siting have been ordered to register as lobbyists retroactive to 2011 and 2010, respectively, after probable cause was found that they received more than $3,000 for their involvement in the project's permitting process. The lobbying complaint was filed in December by Mesa Power executive Mark Ward,
5 Apr 2012

Two utilities take different paths to the top in wind

Xcel Energy Inc., based in Minneapolis, says it has the most wind power on its system of any U.S. electric utility. MidAmerican Energy Co., based in Des Moines, says it's the top utility in wind generation ownership. The competing claims are both legitimate, and they underscore two distinct business approaches to harnessing wind power: To own or not to own?
1 Apr 2012

Wind farm on hold over bald eagle concerns

"I don't think that the American people are ready to watch Minnesota's nesting bald eagles be destroyed on behalf of a Texas millionaire." The commission's decision highlights an emerging conflict between a demand for clean energy and growing evidence wind farms can kill hundreds of thousands of birds and bats a year.
24 Feb 2012

Energy firm to put solar array near wind farms

Southwest Minnesota is home to more than 70 wind farms ...But the turbines spin intermittently, with peak output generally in the spring and fall. In addition, wind often is stronger at night than by day. Chris Little, director of development for Ecos, said he hopes the project answers the question: "Could you fill that gap with another energy resource that might complement the wind?"
26 Jan 2012
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