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Survey says: Wind energy is only issue that divides county

When asked what Huron County should pursue for alternative energy development, 42 percent of respondents agreed that wind is a viable option, and 40 percent disagreed, with 18 percent saying they were neutral. Wind energy development was second to crime/drug abuse as the top challenges that the county faces.
18 Nov 2016

Michigan energy battle may mean more 500 foot wind turbines in communities

“The state legislators appear to be thinking of making yet another increase to their ignorant mandate for so-called green energy,” said Leo Sonck is the supervisor-elect for Bridgehampton Township and current chairman of its planning committee. “Let's focus on safety, health, welfare and property rights, then if they can be done safely and fair to all, fine, move forward.” 
4 Nov 2016

Gone with the wind: Sanilac refunds part of turbine windfall

The Michigan Wind 2 project in Sanilac County brought with it a spike in tax revenue while it grew renewable energy. But Sanilac County just returned more than $230,000 following a settlement with Exelon after the company alleged the local governments did not properly assess the wind turbine project's taxable value.
28 Oct 2016

Renewable energy to inch forward in Michigan

After hitting the 10% level required by law, Michigan's two major utilities appear to be throttling back on adding new renewable energy sources now that they can set their own pace for becoming greener. That means ratepayers for DTE Energy and Consumers Energy will likely see stable monthly bills in the near future.
9 Oct 2016

Public hearings for wind district set for Tuesday

An issue that has been dividing both residents and public officials in Huron County will go before the Huron County Board of Commissioners for a vote Tuesday morning. Three consecutive public hearings will be held at the Huron Expo Center pertaining to a wind overlay district request by DTE Energy in Lincoln, Dwight, Sigel and Bloomfield townships, starting at 9:20 a.m.
20 Aug 2016

Wind farm issues discussed at Galien Township meeting

The prospect of wind farms drew a curious crowd to a Wednesday night, Aug. 17, Galien Township Board meeting, though develop­ers didn’t show up as many in the audience expect­ed. News of the wind tur­bine farm proposal broke last month when Apex Clean Energy Co. officials held a meeting with area prop­arty owners.
20 Aug 2016

You have my permission to speak … Unless

Reasonable people can disagree on policy options, but reasonable people should also recognize that that shutting down 90 percent of the energy we use to drive our cars, heat our homes, cook our food, power our hospitals and factories, and much, much more is unreasonable.
8 Aug 2016
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