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Freetown Town Meeting voters approve zoning measures

"These bylaws were added as part of the Green Community Act. The town is working toward Green Community designation," she said. After Monday's vote, the bylaw for land setbacks for solar energy structures specifies 20 feet from the side, 25 feet from the rear and 50 feet from the front. The bylaw for land setbacks wind power structures is three times a wind turbine's blade's highest point.
9 Jun 2010

A need to change wind turbine rules

Like it or not, the future of Newburyport rests soundly on the aesthetic value of its historic architecture, ecological resources, wildlife and beautiful views. The question for every citizen after knowing what impacts these towers will produce will be, "What benefit is it to the city to have these towers present and how will it affect my home?"
10 Mar 2010

Wind turbine bylaws amendments proposed

Norm Hills represented the Alternative Energy Committee (AEC) in their request for an amendment to Zoning Bylaw Section 8.3, which pertains to " transmitters and receivers, dish antennas and similar structures." The current bylaw addresses smaller private wind turbines, but it does not address safety requirements for larger commercial wind turbines. With research, the AEC hopes to find an optimum spot for harnessing wind energy.
24 Feb 2010

Complaint filed against Dartmouth, MA Selectboard re: two permitted wind turbines

Dartmouthma_turbinelawsuit_thumb Residents of the Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts filed this complaint against the Town's Selectboard members due to legal failures identified in the complaint involving a special permit to construct two utility-scale wind turbines. The introduction of the complaint is provided below. The full complaint can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.
1 Feb 2010

Planning board hears second plea from wind turbine developer

A developer who failed to garner approval for two large wind turbines off Route 3A is back before the planning board for a second attempt. But project opponents say a newly discovered zoning issue should derail the proposal for good. Developer James Sweeney of CCI Energy proposed the construction of two 450-foot wind turbines last January. After months of contentious hearings, the plan was rejected.
7 Jan 2010

City wind turbine law breezes through vote

The City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved a zoning amendment that expands provisions governing wind turbines, and allowing by right small wind facilities in business/general, manufacturing and institutional districts, and by special permit from the Planning Board in residential and business/office districts. Meanwhile, large wind turbines, which have a rotor diameter greater than 20 feet and no higher overall than 265 feet, would require a special permit in all zoning districts.
7 Jan 2010

Planners take up wind siting proposal

State wind energy siting legislation that's been criticized by some West County town officials will be the subject of a Franklin County Planning Board meeting this week. The proposed Wind Energy Siting Reform Act, designed to speed development of wind turbine farms -- primarily in western Franklin County and on Cape Cod -- will be discussed by the board at a 7 p.m. meeting Thursday.
30 Nov 2009

Changes to turbine ordinance to be studied again

The City Council and Planning Board will hold a joint hearing to study revisions made by a council subcommittee to the city's wind turbine ordinance. The City Council's Planning and Development subcommittee spent months reviewing the ordinance after neighbors around the 292-foot-tall turbine on the Mark Richey Woodworking property complained of noise and flicker from the structure. Neighbors urged the council subcommittee to study the setbacks.
25 Nov 2009

Charlemont board OKs wind turbine project

After hammering out several conditions under which to grant the permit, the board voted 4-1 in favor of the project. Planning Board member Daniel Miller cast his vote as an abstention because he wanted the ski resort to build a smaller wind turbine, which he said would still meet the ski resort's utility needs but have less visual impact on the rest of the town.
6 Nov 2009

What if ... turbines sparked state's power

Two utility-scale wind projects on hold in Berkshire County, with a combined 45 megawatts of capacity, would expand wind generated electricity in the state by about 500 percent and power the equivalent of 15,000 homes, according to local and state officials. But both are tied up in litigation filed by local property owners, and one of the projects has been delayed for more than five years. A bill pending in the Legislature might cut the time needed for permitting, eliminating much of the litigation-generated delays.
28 Oct 2009

Mayoral candidates agree: More study needed on wind turbines

Mayoral candidates James Shanley and Donna Holaday were open and honest when asked during a debate last week if the city should allow for more wind turbines to go up in Newburyport. "We blew it; we really blew it as a city on this," Holaday said. Saying city officials were "excited" at the chance to move forward and see alternative energy resources in the city when faced with the proposal by Mark Richey Woodworking, Holaday admitted they didn't have the research and data they needed to properly site it.
26 Oct 2009

Turbine tops Wellfleet's fall Special Town Meeting warrant

There are only 14 articles on the warrant for the Oct. 26 Wellfleet Special Town Meeting, but four of them are big ticket items, expected to generate a lot of discussion. Chief among them is article 2, which asks voters to appropriate $290,000 for the permitting and survey of the building site for construction of one wind turbine at Wellfleet-by-the Sea.
9 Oct 2009

Residents not happy about Roxbury Latin wanting to erect temporary tower

The West Roxbury Neighborhood Council supported the placement of a temporary 200-foot meteorological tower at a site on the Roxbury Latin school campus Monday night ...Discussion was heated among residents in attendance, with both supporters and challengers to the proposal voicing their opinions. Ultimately, however, the 6-2 vote in favor of the MET tower left many residents at the meeting feeling their thoughts on the matter were not seriously considered by the board.
29 Sep 2009

Islanders rail against oceans plan

Well over 100 people attended the public hearing called to receive feedback on the Oceans Management Plan, billed by the state government as a first-in-the-nation attempt to manage all development in Massachusetts waters. But just one issue dominated proceedings: wind generation. ...Overwhelmingly, the dozens who rose to speak were opposed to the plan, either outright or in part - although most also asserted their support in principle for alternative power generation.
25 Sep 2009

No go on backyard wind turbine proposal

A proposal for a backyard wind turbine has been rejected, and the property owner will have to wait two years to reapply. Landlord Joe Fantasia was hoping to install a 120-foot turbine at the four-unit apartment building he owns ...But the board of zoning appeals said the spot Fantasia hoped to put the turbine, at 1282 Commercial St., was too small. The board unanimously rejected the proposal Sept. 2, deeming it too close to the property line.
15 Sep 2009
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