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PLYMOUTH ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS: Wind turbine permit denied

David Paliotti, an attorney representing Algonquin Heights, which is within 600 feet of the proposed turbine, said the turbine would cause his client's property value to plummet, could cause serious health problems and would also be an eyesore. Kerry Kearney, who serves on the town's Energy Committee, said the proposal is "the worst wind turbine site in the state."
13 Sep 2013

Plymouth: Wind turbine denied

They said while the proposal meets many of the requirements of the current bylaw, it may have violated the requirement to do no harm to the neighborhood. Given conflicting evidence of health effects of large turbines, they said it would be too close to residences on both sides of the highway.
13 Sep 2013

Falmouth tries again at turbine solution

According to a report from Town Manager Julian Suso presented to the selectmen Monday night, there's more urgency to their decision. The town is facing three lawsuits over the turbine operation, with more on the horizon. "There is an expanding risk that a court order will potentially take control of the matter and the town will be left with no reasonable and effective options," Suso wrote.
10 Sep 2013

Many oppose Mass Audubon turbine plans

C. Gilman of Dennis wrote to Prescott, “As a birder with ties to Cornell University and other ornithology organizations worldwide, I am shocked at the position that you have taken in support of the industrial turbine proposed to be erected at the Wellfleet Bay Sanctuary. It is inconceivable to me that you and [Mass. Audubon] would endorse erection of an industrial turbine to dominate this pristine landscape and to disrupt the natural environment.
9 Sep 2013

Disputed, preliminary Scituate turbine test results show no noise violation

"My personal take on this was I was disappointed that the forecasted winds weren't the actual winds, [and] that there was so much insect noise," said Jennifer Sullivan, Scituate's director of public health. "There is reason to believe that at some point during the testing the turbine wasn't making power but using power, which is not exactly what we want to test, and the community people are not happy with the westerly testing direction."
30 Aug 2013

TOO Close, Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows

This video introduces you to those families who are sentenced to living life with the noise, flicker and adverse health effects of the Fairhaven Wind project. This is a powerful documentary that should be viewed by those who feel a calling to support their neighbors and those who have concerns about a "Wind Friendly" Board of Health opening Fairhaven's doors to increased wind development. Louise Barteau took to the neighborhoods and spends time with those who have been directly impacted. You'll hear the touching stories of these families in their own words. Duration: 45 minutes
29 Aug 2013

Harbor windmills are no bargain for Massachusetts residents

So Gloucester residents are paying about one third more for the energy generated by the windmills. Plus, they have to look at the hideous structures defacing their historic harbor. Gloucester's frugal 17th century founders would have been shocked both by the eyesore and the waste of resources. ...Gloucester's windmills are part of the new green theology, which holds that renewables always trump fossil fuels. Too bad for Gloucester residents that the facts don't fit the fairy tale.
28 Aug 2013

Neighbors upset over wind turbine noise update

The consultants have been contracted to take four noise samples beginning in March, but said they were only able to get one sample in April, because there hasn't been enough wind to get the turbine up to maximum power. Mark Wallace from Tech Environmental said that one noise sample that was taken at four locations in the neighborhood shows the noise from Scituate's wind turbine is hardly perceptible.
28 Aug 2013

Officials should not turn deaf ear to wind turbines' sound effects

there is adequate scientific evidence in peer-reviewed publications to make it clear that some infrasound emitted by wind turbines - sound vibrations at frequencies below those normally heard - makes some people sick. By refusing to consider and investigate infrasound as a cause of physical distress ...state agencies are only storing up trouble for the future of wind energy.
25 Aug 2013

Scituate turbine tests prove controversial

"The period at which those most impacted by shadow flicker on the South Coast of Massachusetts is between October and March," said Tom Thompson, Executive Director for a neighborhood fighting against the location of the Scituate turbine. "Anyone that's looking to commission a shadow study prior to that that knows those are not the peak periods. [To do one now] is not an accurate analysis."
23 Aug 2013

Winds of concern for turbines' neighbors

There are many other good reasons why 48 proposed wind turbine projects in the state have not been approved. Real estate prices plummet, and the costs of repairing turbines that break down are enormous. Just ask the folks who live in Princeton what they think of the cost-benefit ratio of wind turbines.
18 Aug 2013

Scituate Wind: Sound study delay sparks concerns

Too much time is being lost relative to performing acoustical studies of the Scituate Wind turbine and this has the Scituate Board of Health, among other stakeholders, concerned. During the board's meeting on August 12, board members, along with Scituate Public Health Director, Jennifer Sullivan, discussed the complexities of the testing requirements - wind speed, wind direction, tides, etc., and how the conditions have yet to prove favorable for testing.
15 Aug 2013

Wind industry ignores, makes up the facts

"The 'Kelly paper' is just one of many studies published in the 1980s by acousticians and other researchers working under grants from the DOE, NASA, and others. ... The acoustical conferences, at least in the U.S., all had presentations on wind turbine noise; it was one of the 'hot' topics in the field." The industry response? Ignore or deny the science.
13 Aug 2013
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