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Scituate selectman candidates talk wind turbine

Burbine, 64, a small-business owner, said the residents who live near the turbine, which is off the Driftway, need relief. ..."You can't help but feel empathy, and (I'm) so sad for those people that are dealing with all of this without any real recourse," Burbine said."If we've got to spend a little bit of money, risk-wise, to say, ‘OK, let's turn it off from 7 p.m. at least until first thing in the morning,' we might risk $100,000," Gilmore said. "What's $100,000 (if we're protecting residents)?"
12 Apr 2013

In close call, Scituate residents vote to support wind turbine

In a vote separated only by 14 people, residents at Scituate's Town Meeting rejected an effort to withdraw support for the town's 400-foot tall turbine. ...Thompson said he was not disheartened by the vote, but emboldened. "I'm very encouraged. ...We'll continue to follow due process. We knew this was a non binding resolution, but I think this sends a message to the town."
11 Apr 2013

Falmouth Town Meeting voters refuse to fund removal of wind turbines

Although it passed by a simple majority, Article 22 failed to yield the 2/3 majority needed for a vote on borrowing money. Selectmen plan to present an amended warrant article when special Town Meeting resumes at 7 p.m. April 10 at the Lawrence School auditorium. ...While Town Meeting Member Marc Finneran said, "This pits money against people's welfare, and I always come down on the side of people's welfare."
10 Apr 2013

Fairhaven official apologizes for turbine 'suffering'

Murphy said he hopes to provide some relief for the 57 families who have filed complaints about the turbines at the wastewater treatment plant on Arsene Street, including the noise they generate. "I am sorry for all of your suffering and what you have been through," he said. "I realize that many of you tried to speak out and were denied a place on our agenda, and I thank you for your persistence."
10 Apr 2013

Look who's talking

“If mankind was worried about CO2, rather than paying Jim Gordon $500 million a year and making him wealthy, why don’t you plant a helluva lot of trees because trees and bushes take CO2 and convert it into oxygen,” Koch says. “What Jim Gordon is feeding off of is perception, not reality. The perception is that windmills are good because the wind is free.
9 Apr 2013

Falmouth voters revise turbine bylaw

At the opening night of annual town meeting, voters approved a bylaw that dramatically reduces the size of wind turbines allowed in town. The planning board presented the revised turbine siting bylaw Monday night, about five months after a similar bylaw was rejected at fall's town meeting.
9 Apr 2013

Falmouth residents asked to pony up $14M to raze wind turbines

"We got the message from the state and we're moving forward," said Selectman Kevin Murphy, chairman of the board. Even if town meeting votes against the article, selectmen will offer a ballot question asking voters if they want the turbines removed, Selectman Mary Pat Flynn said. The question would likely appear on the May 21 ballot. "Everyone wants to vote on this, not just town meeting," Flynn said.
7 Apr 2013

Scituate wind turbine issue to go before town meeting

Town meeting voters will consider a citizens' petition asking Scituate officials to rescind the special permit - awarded by the planning board in 2010 - that allowed Scituate Wind LLC to build a 390-foot-tall turbine off the Driftway. The petition was filed by turbine neighbors who say noise and flicker from the turbine have hurt their health.
6 Apr 2013

State says no to turbine funds

"The headline should read ‘State does not support the Town of Falmouth,' " Chairman of the Falmouth Board of Selectmen Kevin E. Murphy said last night following a joint meeting with his board and the finance committee at Falmouth Town Hall. The session was held to provide clarification to Town Meeting members about the board and finance committee's recommendations for three articles on the Special Town Meeting warrant related to the wind turbines.
5 Apr 2013

Flickering shadows from wind turbines draw complaints

Dan Alves calls the shadows thrown by the rotating blades a "nightmare" he deals with about 16 weeks a year when the sun sets behind the turbine. "It's an invasion of my property," he said from the deck outside his back door. Alves said he particularly worries about his son, a ninth-grader who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child. ...At the request of town officials, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center recently agreed to examine the issue.
5 Apr 2013

Falmouth selectmen, finance committee stand firm on removing turbines

The Falmouth Board of Selectmen and the Falmouth Finance Committee held a joint April 4 meeting and unanimously stood by the selectmen's prior vote to remove the town's wind turbines, despite receiving none of their requested financial assistance from the state to do so. The latest estimate is that it will cost the town about $14 million to remove both Wind 1 and Wind 2.
5 Apr 2013
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