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Flickering shadows from wind turbines draw complaints

Dan Alves calls the shadows thrown by the rotating blades a "nightmare" he deals with about 16 weeks a year when the sun sets behind the turbine. "It's an invasion of my property," he said from the deck outside his back door. Alves said he particularly worries about his son, a ninth-grader who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child. ...At the request of town officials, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center recently agreed to examine the issue.
5 Apr 2013

Falmouth selectmen, finance committee stand firm on removing turbines

The Falmouth Board of Selectmen and the Falmouth Finance Committee held a joint April 4 meeting and unanimously stood by the selectmen's prior vote to remove the town's wind turbines, despite receiving none of their requested financial assistance from the state to do so. The latest estimate is that it will cost the town about $14 million to remove both Wind 1 and Wind 2.
5 Apr 2013

Details on MassCEC’s April 2 Memo on Falmouth turbines

FALMOUTH – The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) asked its board of directors to authorize the board chairman to appoint a three-person subcommittee that will review and potentially modify the existing renewable energy certificate (REC) purchase agreement with the town of Falmouth. However, the MassCEC staff memorandum that makes this request also states that Falmouth will not receive a contract waiver if Wind 1 is decommissioned and removed.
3 Apr 2013

Falmouth To Vote On Removing Wind Turbines

State energy officials, with their goal of expanding wind energy in Massachusetts, are watching all of this closely, but have been careful to not step in to the Falmouth fray. Alicia Barton, head of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a quasi-public agency, would not say whether there were mistakes made in Falmouth, but she did say there were some lessons.
2 Apr 2013

Mass Clean Energy Center meeting regarding Falmouth REC contract modification

Falmouth_boardmemo_4_2_thumb These notes from the Mass Clean Energy Center (CEC) Board of Directors meeting indicate that the CEC will be moving forward on a plan to forgive the Town of Falmouth for renewable energy credits that are not generated by the town's Wind-1 turbine in the event the voters implement mitigation measures to relieve the noise impacts. The MassCEC waiver shall not be available for a Town action involving decommissioning and/or removal of the Wind 1 turbine.
2 Apr 2013

Algonquin Heights objects to Stop & Shop turbine

Attorney David Paliotti, representing Algonquin Heights, refuted the Stop & Shop engineer's claims, saying the proposed wind turbine will exceed the sound limit guidelines. He also questioned the company's shadow-flicker study and the applicant's research on the visibility of the turbine. ...The Stop & Shop turbine would be located approximately 600 feet from the Algonquin Heights apartment complex and 962 feet from the nearest home on Westerly Road.
30 Mar 2013

Scituate says no to combining wind turbine studies

The neighbors, who say the turbine is hurting their health, announced earlier this week they would hire an acoustical engineer to test the noise levels of the turbine. They want their study to be performed on the same nights as the study conducted by Tech Environmental, the firm picked by the health board to study the turbine.
30 Mar 2013

Scituate: Advisory committee considers municipal wind turbine shut down proposal

"We are not sleeping. We are suffering the adverse effects of shadow flicker. One of the members of the board of health at the October meeting brought forth the issue that we suspend the operation of the industrial wind turbine during night time hours, until we can complete the study. ...we're imploring the town to suspend the operation," Kelly said.
29 Mar 2013

Use of town letterhead questioned in Fairhaven ethics complaint

"What I wrote was a dumb statement but it wasn't a threat," he said in an interview with The Standard-Times last week. "He wanted to keep me quiet about the turbines and is painting a picture of me as some kind of crazy person." Selectman Bob Espindola said Monday neither he nor fellow board member Charlie Murphy had been aware of Bowcock's letter until Ferreira complained to him in September.
26 Mar 2013

New spin needed

This much is clear: many people who live near these towers believe that the structures are adversely affecting their health. Local officials do not need Falmouth's experiences to understand that there is virtually nothing that will placate people when they believe that their health, and their property values, are suffering. Better to clear the air ahead of time before trying to harness the wind.
24 Mar 2013
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