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Shifting winds

Opposition is growing and, in turn, putting pressure on turbine owners, public and private, to defend their investments. In March, Doreen Reilly, who lives about 1,000 feet from the turbine, told Fox 25 Boston that staying in her home with the noise and strobe effects was "torture."
16 May 2013

Falmouth Real Estate - "The Turbine Effect"

Realtor Nadine Krasnow of Falmouth Fine Properties said she has no doubt that the turbines have affected property values ..."In my opinion, it's had a noticeably chilling affect and it has definitely become more difficult to sell houses there; and the reason is, if people have other choices, which they do, why are they going to buy in a place where value has gone down and it's unclear what will happen in the future?"
15 May 2013

Falmouth board labels turbines a 'nuisance'

The zoning board of appeals declared two town-owned wind turbines a nuisance in a 4-1 vote Thursday night. The decision overturned Building Commissioner Eladio Gore's determination that noise from the turbines did not constitute a nuisance. Turbine abutter Neil Andersen, of 211 Blacksmith Shop Road, appealed that decision in November, and the board closed that hearing last week.
10 May 2013

PLYMOUTH ZBA: Their kingdom for a bond

For some projects, the town bylaws require surety bonds - money set aside to cover any cost to the town in the event a developer doesn't finish a project or, in this case, if a wind turbine needs to be decommissioned. ...But Camelot Wind, the company that owns the Camelot Park turbine, says no insurance company will sign off on such a lengthy bond.
7 May 2013

Clean Energy Center explains how flicker study is conducted, Kingston town planner challenged

The Board of Health has been discussing creating shadow flicker regulations and may hire an engineer with knowledge of flicker effect to analyze the flicker study report. The question, was there ever a shadow flicker study done before the Independence was installed, has been a point of contention at public meetings as recently as last week. Town Planner Tom Bott, for one, has come under fire by Leland Road residents Doreen and Sean Reilly, among others.
4 May 2013

Real cost of removing turbines debatable

Town Meeting would have to approve the spending of $8.3 million, which includes $4.9 million borrowed to construct Wind 2, $2 million to pay back the renewable energy credits, and $1.4 million to remove both turbines. That is the same amount Town Meeting failed to authorize earlier this month by six votes shy of a two-thirds majority. "I'm guardedly optimistic" that the ballot question will pass, Mr. Suso said.
1 May 2013

Kingston flicker study starting; Residents share opinions on regulations

All five wind turbines in Kingston - the Independence, Mary O'Donnell's three turbines and the T's turbine - will be part of a shadow flicker study coordinated by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. Monday night, the Board of Health informed residents and others at a meeting for discussion of possible new shadow flicker regulations that the study would start this week. A report from the contractor CEC chooses to conduct the study would be completed by June 10.
28 Apr 2013

Turbines generating noisy controversy

The complaints eventually reached the state level, prompting DEP sound tests. Eventually, both wind turbines were shut down at nighttime. ..."There is no energy technology out there of any real consequence that doesn't have environmental and social impacts that need to be carefully studied and addressed. Just by using a renewable fuel, does not eliminate that responsibility, that challenge."
26 Apr 2013

Cape Wind is already a bad deal

Unbiased inquiry into the facts of Cape Wind do not support any value to the project other than its profit to Mr. Gordon. Perhaps the most serious false claim in behalf of Cape Wind is that it will bring jobs to Massachusetts. New Bedford is the unfortunate setting for this claim.
20 Apr 2013
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