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FAA rules Cape Wind not a threat

"A politically based determination of the Cape Wind project by the FAA is an unacceptable use of federal authority, contravenes FAA's statutory mandate and raises significant safety concerns for aviation in Nantucket Sound," they wrote.
16 Aug 2012

Congressmen probe FAA's Cape Wind approval

In a letter today to FAA chief Michael Huerta, congressmen John Mica (R-Fla.) and Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) say they have "significant questions" about the role of politics in the agency's approval of the project. "A politically based determination of the Cape Wind project by FAA is an unacceptable use of federal authority, contravenes FAA's statutory mandate, and raises significant safety concerns for aviation in Nantucket Sound," their letter states.
18 Jul 2012

Brown calls for fed probe of Cape Wind

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown yesterday joined the growing chorus of critics calling for a federal probe into Cape Wind, saying officials have been aware of safety concerns "forever" and raising questions about whether the hotly debated Nantucket Sound project was born from "backroom deals."
3 Jul 2012

Hedges Pond wind turbine approved.

Dr Hopkins said 150 sports utility vehicles (SUVs) would burn the same amount of oil as a wind farm would save.More than 60 abutters and neighbors filled the seats of the Mayflower Room at Town Hall Wednesday night to hear the Zoning Board of Appeal’s decision on the project. The vast majority opposed the project, despite repeated assurances from engineers that it meets the requirements of the town’s wind energy bylaw.
21 Apr 2012

Charlestown wind turbine to temporarily shut down for repairs

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's wind turbine at the DeLauri Sewer Pump Station will be shut down in the coming weeks as a concrete ring and new piles are installed around the existing foundation. Workers performing a routine inspection of the turbine in February found that its foundation settled faster than expected, according to the authority.
20 Apr 2012

Reality sinks in for wind project; Turbine shut down for foundation fix

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority honchos and engineers met yesterday to figure out a fix for the $4.7 million wind turbine, which started turning in October, only to power down last month when crews discovered it had settled about 2 inches, agency officials said. Possible causes, they said, include soil conditions and vibrations from a sudden shutdown triggered by high winds.
25 Feb 2012

Cape Wind decision on FAA hazard determinations

Capewind__decision_10_28_11_thumb On October 28, 2011, the U.S. Court of Appeals found the FAA failed to supply any apparent analysis of the record evidence concerning the wind farm’s potentially adverse effects on flight operations. The court vacated all 130 determinations of no hazard issued by the FAA. An excerpt of the court's ruling is provided below. The full order can be accessed by selecting the link(s) at the bottom of this page.
28 Oct 2011

APNS and Town of Barnstable appeal FAA ruling on Cape Wind

The appeal states that the FAA acted in an "arbitrary and capricious manner" by ignoring evidence submitted demonstrating that the wind turbines would in fact create a hazard to aviation and cause interfere with radar facilities used by air traffic control, failing to consider the cumulative effects of the turbines in Nantucket Sound, and exceeding its own authority.
15 Sep 2011

School Committee upset over windmill location

Two weeks after a number of neighbors said they were not informed about the three-bladed Northwind 100 turbine's location so close to the school, committee members raised their own concerns, saying that somewhere along the way they were excluded from the planning process.
21 Oct 2010

Nantucket High School turbine location

Nantuckeths_turbine_thumb This image shows the location of Nantucket High School's newly sited 100-kilowatt wind turbine. The turbine stands about 160-feet tall including the blade. The radius of the circle is approximately 50 feet. There does not appear to be any safety or fall zone around the turbine to protect students from collapse or blade/ice throw.
1 Oct 2010

MOD's wind farm objection withdrawn

Under an agreement with the MOD, if the planning inspector says yes to the windfarm, Enertrag UK would not be able to start building until they had the ‘approved' technology in place to mitigate these safety concerns. A spokesman for the MOD supplied the conditions, which state: "No development shall commence unless and until the planning authority has approved a Radar Mitigation System proposed by the Company and agreed by the MOD."
16 Sep 2010
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