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Wind forum stirs debate as task force remains skeptical

In Rhode Island a $7 million effort is underway to study the ecological and economic importance of a 1,467-square-mile area set aside for wind development. Tisbury selectman Tristan Israel said he was discouraged by the discrepancy between the ongoing research and bids of potential wind developers. "On the one hand there's a tremendous amount of research going on in this area and in the meantime there are already leases on the table."
24 Dec 2010

Brewster takes time to probe impact of turbines

One of the top unanswered questions is the turbines' potential impact on a nearby radio station. Classical radio station WFCC leases space in the industrial park and its signal emanates from a cell tower on town-owned property about 600 feet from the nearest proposed turbine. Gregory Bone, a general partner in Cape Cod Broadcasting, which owns the station, raised the issue of signal interference.
2 Dec 2010

Neighbors unhappy with windmill site, impacts

They were never officially notified by the high school, nor the Historic District Commission or any other town regulatory agency, about the project and its location. Others in the area are concerned about the impact of noise, while the father of one high-school student called the siting so close to the school and athletic fields "reckless and irresponsible."
7 Oct 2010

Huffing and puffing continues - no time to let up

As unmolested as these islands look from the deck of a small craft, that may change as wind turbines sprout. ...Voters whose calculations of industrial wind, whether off or on Vineyard shores, conclude that the detriments outweigh the benefits will want to examine candidates for the state senate, the House of Representatives, and the Massachusetts governorship carefully.
7 Oct 2010

‘Reconsider this abominable bill'

Legislators, such as Senate President Murray, seem to be comfortable with the notion that we have a moral responsibility to pursue wind energy and that obliterating the quality of life - or the hopes and dreams and 30 years of love, sweat and tears that have been invested in making a house a "home" - is the price we must pay to achieve "energy independence." Easy for them to say - especially since they aren't the ones paying the price.
26 Jul 2010

University of Delaware researcher says 'place attachment' prompts backlash against wind farm development

Firestone and his research colleagues began surveying public opinion on the Cape Wind project in 2004. He quickly learned that opposition to offshore wind farms is not a classic "not in my backyard" reaction. Instead, opposition mainly to the visual impact of turbines seen from land or from boats causes a psychological reaction known as "place attachment." Basically, it is an emotional attachment to surroundings that are familiar.
15 Jul 2010

Florida Court allows wind farm; Opponents rejected in their challenge to 20-turbine project

Developers of a $45 million, 30-megawatt wind farm are free to move ahead with construction following a ruling in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday in favor of the project's wetland permit. ..."We are obviously disappointed, but the court has made its final decision," said Eleanor Tillinghast, executive director of Green Berkshires.
7 Jul 2010

Moon Island wind turbine proposal draws questions from residents

More than 75 Quincy residents gathered at Squantum Elementary School on Monday to question officials about a wind turbine ..."I'm a total believer in wind power, but at what point does solving one environmental issue create another?" said Steve Kolander of Squantum, adding he would prefer several smaller turbines with less of a visual impact on the island.
25 May 2010
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