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Orleans wind project loses out on grant

The town's plans to get a turbine up and running in the watershed was dealt another blow this month when the project didn't receive grant funding. "It's unfortunate," said Assistant Town Planner John Jannell. Jannell said he would go before selectmen in the coming weeks to see if they want to pursue the $2.3 million municipal wind project entirely with town funds or partner with Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative.
29 Jan 2010

Barnstable denies college wind project

The decision to reject the project follows several months of debate over whether the turbine on state-owned land required approval from the historic district committee at all. The state had moved forward with the project, including preparations of the site near the college's tennis courts, but halted that work after the historic committee insisted it had the right to approve or reject the project.
29 Jan 2010

Federal offshore energy plans dwarf Cape Wind

The map, prepared by the Minerals Management Service comprises 448 blocks totaling 3,895 square nautical miles, for which wind power developers could bid. The boundaries of the area - which encroach about eight or nine miles from shore at their closest and extend out 22 to 50 miles - closely follow the contours of the underwater geography, between 30 and 60 meters (about 100 and 200 feet).
29 Jan 2010

Committee wants looser requirements for turbines

The Mayor's Energy Advisory Committee (EAC) is recommending less stringent rules for allowing a wind energy conversion facility in the city. The EAC reviewed changes to the existing law made by the 2009 City Council Planning and Development Committee. ...EAC recommends a setback distance from a residential zone of one and a half times the height of the wind turbine (highest position of a blade tip). The Planning and Development Committee had changed the setback to three times the height of the proposed turbine.
29 Jan 2010

West Tisbury is too quiet for turbine

A wind turbine project proposed by the Up-Island Regional School District (UIRSD) recently came to a noisy end. ..."We hired an acoustical engineering firm" Mr. Weiss told The Times, "and they came back with a message that West Tisbury is a very quiet place. So quiet, in fact, that putting a 250-kilowatt turbine up there would go above the acceptable change in sound."
28 Jan 2010

Dartmouth turbines get final OK

After a calm, two-hour discussion, the special Town Meeting voted 182-44 to to spend $9.5 million for two wind turbines. The civil tone of the debate was in stark contrast to many previous meetings on the issue, prompting compliments from Moderator Steven Sharek, who praised Town Meeting members for their "professionalism." Town Meeting's consideration of the turbines came a day after 30 neighbors filed a lawsuit in Fall River Superior Court in an effort to block the project.
27 Jan 2010

Few protections for Nantucket Sound as historic place

When the National Park Service declared the 560-square-mile Nantucket Sound eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, all the federal protections of actually being on the list became effective. Yet, as it turns out, these protections have little bearing on existing commercial and recreational activities in Nantucket Sound.
27 Jan 2010

Neighbors file lawsuit to block wind turbines in Dartmouth

On the eve of tonight's special Town Meeting vote to fund two wind turbines, neighbors of the controversial project filed a lawsuit hoping to block it. In a nine-page complaint, filed Monday in Fall River Superior Court, attorney Philip N. Beauregard, contends the Select Board acted as both the developer of the project and the adjudicator of it, thus depriving his clients of "the objectivity in decision-making required by state law."
26 Jan 2010

More tribes join bid to derail Cape Wind

With the clock ticking on the Cape Wind decision, American Indian tribes across the nation are lining up in support of the Wampanoags. The San Carlos Apache Tribe of Arizona and the 25-tribe coalition known as the United South and Eastern Tribes Inc. have both asked U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to stop the controversial project.
26 Jan 2010

Dartmouth seeks $9.5 million for wind turbines

Town Meeting is scheduled to vote Tuesday night on whether to appropriate $9.5 million for two wind turbines, which will be located on town-owned land near the water filtration plant off Chase Road. ...Town officials say the project's financial benefits ...are enormous. Neighbors feel otherwise.
25 Jan 2010

Cape Wind would sully national treasure

A great disservice will be done to the people of Massachusetts and all others who enjoy the pristine scenery, water sports and solitude of Nantucket Sound by placing an industrial plant in its heart, as intended by Cape Wind and politically correct politicians who want wind energy there regardless of the cost and its effect on national treasures and National Natural Landmarks.
24 Jan 2010

Cape Wind's fate unclear, even in Obama's hands

After eight years of review, the future of a controversial wind farm off Cape Cod now rests in what would seem to be friendly hands - an Obama administration that's pledged to make the U.S. "the world's leading exporter of clean energy." But it's tough to tell if Cape Wind's prospects just got better or worse.
24 Jan 2010

Poll gauges willingness to pay for wind power

A new poll released this week found that support for a wind farm in Nantucket Sound drops if customers' electric bills go up by $100 or more per year. ...Conducted by the UMass Dartmouth Center for Policy Analysis, the poll asked 28 questions of 436 National Grid customers across the state over two days earlier this month. Respondents quickly become sensitive to the price of wind power despite support for the energy source, said the center's director, Clyde Barrow.
23 Jan 2010

Study: Most won't pay more for wind power

The UMass researchers found that more than half of the people surveyed would not pay more for wind-generated electricity. Massachusetts has some of the nation's highest energy costs. More than a quarter said they would pay more, while 18 percent were undecided, researchers said.
22 Jan 2010

Wind Rules: Making up is hard to do

A large group of Island planning and conservation officials gathered last week to debate what is expected to be a central dilemma in the months and years to come: how to allow and regulate large-scale wind turbines on the Vineyard while still protecting the Island's unique culture, environment and economy.
22 Jan 2010

On the Titanic

This is no time to gamble with an additional borrowed sum of $4.8 million, plus interest to construct a 457-foot-tall wind turbine, hoping it will turn out to be a money-maker when in fact it could end up being the town of Wellfleet's "Waterloo."
22 Jan 2010

Answer the questions

Mass Audubon recently abandoned its plan to install a 200-foot wind turbine at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary due to grave concerns about noise, risks to resident wildlife and migratory birds, and potential disruption to valuable habitat. Does Mass Audubon's extensive review and decision to reject a project half the size of the town of Wellfleet's reflect the machinations of an irresponsible minority or a principled decision based upon a thorough and unbiased review?
22 Jan 2010
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