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Need for clean energy spurs wind farm development — and opposition

Chris O'Neil is policy director of Friends of Maine's Mountains, sees the New England Clean Energy RFP as a bid by southern New England to "turn Maine into their wind plantation." "If these wind projects are the 'heist' then the transmission project is the 'getaway car,'" he says. ... wind power "as an extravagant waste of money" that isn't worth "ruining the hills and mountains" of Maine.
18 Apr 2016

How an Austrian wind power company becomes a local Maine business

The Austrian energy company, WEB Windenergie, is buying a locally owned Maine industrial wind company, Pisgah LLC. The company hopes to access a guaranteed 20-year Emera Maine contract for selling energy at 9.3 cents per kilowatt-hour. ...the problem is that the fat contract is only available through a state program open to local Maine companies.
6 Apr 2016

Embattled developer of Maine wind projects sued over finances

TerraForm Global said SunEdison claimed the money would be used to finish nearly completed renewable energy projects in India. In return, TerraForm Global would receive SunEdison’s equity interests in the deals ...“SunEdison instead diverted the funds to prop up its flagging liquidity position rather than to fund the projects in India as promised,” said the lawsuit.
4 Apr 2016

TransCanada looks to sell Maine wind farm

TransCanada is looking to sell its New England power generation business, including its wind farm in western Maine and hydroelectric dams on the Connecticut River, as part of its effort to finance its $10 billion acquisition of Houston-based Columbia Pipeline Group.
28 Mar 2016

Time to show wind developers the door

Maine was originally part of Massachusetts, and we act like we are still, but I would admonish Maine residents to rise up and show the wind developers the door. Let them try constructing these useless monstrosities in the Berkshires and see how far they get. I have yet to delineate the total crony corruption that has enabled this industrial wind disaster but here are a few nuggets to chew on.
11 Mar 2016

Maine’s largest solar farm expected to go online in 2016

And a wind power project originally proposed for land in Fort Fairfield moved a mile north in its final iteration, on 100 acres of farmland in Limestone. ...but that plan was essentially killed by an ordinance for wind projects that established a one-mile setback from landowners not involved in the project.
29 Jan 2016

Maine Senate president aims to cap electric rates

An effort to cap electric rates in Maine at 10 cents per kilowatt hour or less likely will go to a vote by the Legislature’s Energy Committee on Tuesday. But the bill, LD 1339, by Senate President Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, also calls for the suspension of the state’s renewable energy portfolio requirements if suppliers cannot provide a 10-cent rate while meeting the portfolio requirements.
19 Jan 2016

Account emerges for why state workers yanked anti-wind signs in Moosehead region

McDonald said he will continue to pursue the information request because it raises a larger constitutional question around free speech. He is taking Plum Creek at its word, but said the company should have contacted his group, rather than the MDOT, about the sign near its office. He characterized that placement as a mistake. “We just wanted to know where the removal order came from.” 
10 Nov 2015

Removal of anti-wind project signs in Moosehead region feeds tensions

As many as 50 signs protesting wind projects by SunEdison and Everpower were removed by Maine Department of Transportation employees Friday, angering supporters of the Moosehead Region Futures Committee, which opposes the projects ...A transportation department official says the signs in Greenville and Rockwood – which read “Save Moosehead Say No to Wind” – violated state rules.
3 Nov 2015

Maine DOT Confiscates Wind Protestor’s Yard Signs in Moosehead Lake Region

We’ve been warned by other wind groups to expect this type of backlash. I guess your First Amendment rights are forfeited when you fight a wind project. MRFC is about protecting our quality of place and our tourism industry - it’s the economic backbone of this region.” DOT personnel said they got orders from Augusta to take down the signs.
3 Nov 2015

Wind foes come to blows

An opposition group's settlements with developers divide the resistance to wind-power projects in Maine. A$2.75 million settlement announced last month between Friends of Maine’s Mountains and SunEdison involving New England’s largest wind farm, near Bingham, has exposed a deep rift in the state’s wind-power resistance movement. The dispute offers a glimpse into an internal conflict that’s spilling over into the ongoing public debate about the benefits and harms of erecting giant turbine towers along Maine’s remote ridges.
11 Oct 2015

$2.5 million conservation fund set up in Bingham wind pact

A $2.5 million fund directed at conservation projects across western, central and northern Maine has been set up after an anti-wind group earlier this year dropped a lawsuit against the company building a wind farm in Bingham. ...“FMM is committed to preserving Maine’s unique natural resources, particularly its prized mountains.” According to the release, the Friends group is not a beneficiary of the conservation fund.
25 Sep 2015
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