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Fox Island Wind compliance letter

Fox_island_wind_compliance_letter_thumb This letter addressed to George Baker of Fox Islands Wind LLC responds to a complaint filed with the State of Maine concerning excessive turbine noise emissions at the Vinalhaven wind energy facility. The State has determined that the project is operating outside the noise limits permitted for the project.
23 Nov 2010

Town of Phillips, Maine Wind Energy Facility Ordinance

Phillipswindenergyfacilityordinance_thumb The purpose of this Ordinance is to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and property owners of Phillips by establishing reasonable and uniform regulations for Wind Energy Facilities (WEFs). The comprehensive setback standards detailed in the ordinance protect against the hazards of a) Falling and Debris Hazard, b) Flicker Hazard, and c) Acoustic Hazard.
16 Sep 2010

Vinalhaven, ME July 17-18, 2010 Complaint Review

Fw__july_17-18__2010_complaint_review_thumb Residents of Vinalhaven, Maine filed a complaint with Maine's Department of Environmental Protection regarding excessive noise from the Fox Islands wind energy facility. The below report was submitted to the Department by EnRad's Warren Brown who conducted the review of the noise. Mr. Brown found that the project sound levels exceeded nighttime limits of 45 dBA. The original report is posted below and can be accessed, along with two accompanying documents, via the links below.
8 Sep 2010

Record Hill wind project appeal: Appellants' Position

Exhibit_1_thumb On December 10, 2009, Attorney Rufus Brown made this filing to the Maine Board of Environmental Protection in the appeal of the Record Hill Wind Project. ...As part of this filing, Attorney Brown submits newly discovered evidence of correspondence between Dora Mills, M.D., Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control ("MCDC") and the Maine DEP, which he states suggests "the review input from MCDC in the Record Hill permitting process was tainted with a political agenda rather than being from an objective evaluation for the protection of public health."
10 Dec 2009

Appeal of Maine final order, Record Hill Wind LLC

Record_hill_appeal_(part_2)_thumb This appeal was filed by the Concerned Citizens to Save Roxbury ("CCSR") in response to the August 20, 2009 final order issued by Maine's Department of Environmental Protection granting approval for Record Hill Wind LLC to construct a 22-turbine wind energy facility in Roxbury, Maine. The aggrieved parties further request a public hearing on its appeal on the grounds that credible, conflicting medical and technical information regarding the licensing criterion and it is likely that a public hearing will assist the State in understanding the evidence.
21 Sep 2009

Dr. Michael Nissenbaum affidavit, Record Hill wind appeal

Niss_recordhillaffidavit_thumb This affidavit by Dr. Michael Nissenbaum was submitted in support of an appeal filed with Maine's Board of Environmental Protection. The aggrieved parties are opposing the final order permitting the Record Hill wind energy facility issued by Maine's Department of Environmental Protection on August 20, 2009. The proposed project will include 22 industrial scale turbines sited in Roxbury, Maine. Dr. Nissenbaum asserts that turbines can cause adverse effects on human health.
17 Sep 2009

Civil Suit filed in Maine Superior Court regarding First Wind's Mars Hill wind energy facility

Marshillcomplaint_032709_thumb On March 27, 2009, the residents of Mars Hill living within 3600 feet of First Wind's wind energy facility filed a civil complaint in Maine Superior Court seeking relief from the "significant harm" caused by the First Wind and others by the construction and operation of the site. The full complaint can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
27 Mar 2009

Maine DEP internal conference call meeting notes: wind turbine noise

Maine_depconfcall030509_thumb These meeting notes detail the thinking of Dr. Dora Mills, State of Maine Public Health Director and Staff of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection regarding wind turbine noise. At the time of this meeting, attendee Andrew Fisk of Maine DEP had notified First Wind that their wind facility in Mars Hill ME was operating in compliance with the permit he had issued. Dr. Mills was preparing to present information on turbine noise before the Maine Medical Association meeting later in the month. All attendees were discussing how to proceed with two other wind projects proposed in the State. Both proposed projects use RSE to model the preconstruction noise levels.
5 Mar 2009
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