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Foes file last-minute lawsuit against pending Maine wind farm

Opponents of a soon-to-be-started wind farm in the Aroostook County town of Oakfield took legal action Tuesday in a last-minute attempt to stop the project. They filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Bangor, aimed at a 50-turbine wind farm to be erected by First Wind of Boston through its subsidiary, Evergreen Wind II LLC. Initial road construction is set to begin before winter on the 150-megawatt project.
29 Oct 2013

Wind Power and the thrum of lawsuits

"On Vinalhaven, on Nantucket, in the Pacific Northwest - all across the country as green energy gains traction - reactions to wind projects are elucidating larger American values. If Vinalhaven is any example, American individualism may struggle to find a place in the new green economy."
17 Jun 2013

Rural Mainers turn out in force to back bills that would change wind energy law

Testifying neither for nor against LD 616, Patrick Woodcock, director of the Governor's Energy Office, urged legislators not to shy away from trying to improve the 2008 Wind Energy Act. He reiterated LePage's intent to streamline energy permitting processes in Maine, but in a way that does not favor one industry over another, which he said the current law does.
28 Mar 2013

Ruling on Saddleback Ridge Wind noise levels

13me25fr_thumb In this important ruling by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, the court found that a proposed wind project that was accepted for review by the State prior to more restrictive nighttime sound emissions limits being adopted, would still be subject to the new sound limits. The full ruling can be accessed at the link below.
5 Mar 2013

The cost of wind turbines in Maine

The stimulus was supposed to create jobs in Maine. While hundreds worked to build the site, reports the project created 0 jobs. This project was built using a stimulus loan from the department of energy. "The economics of wind simply don't work - the wind industry would not exist without unduly favorable subsidies."
20 Feb 2013

Roxbury wind project

14 of the 22 wind turbines stretch 4 miles across the Record Hill Ridge in Roxbury. Roxbury residents approved the project but the town of Byron, where Paquette lives, turned it down. Philip Paquette: "No one wants it their backyard but it's not in my backyard it's in Roxbury's and they put it in my backyard when I said no."
18 Feb 2013

Opposition to second wind Project in Downeast Lakes region growing

Boston-based wind developer First Wind is facing growing opposition to its second attempt to build an industrial wind project on Bowers Mountain in the scenic Downeast Lakes Region of Maine. In a related development, Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Patricia Aho announced that DEP will hold a public evidentiary hearing on the application.
11 Dec 2012

Selectmen presented with wind turbine sound study

Reacting to a series of noise complaints by a small group of people on Concord Pond, Patriot Renewables hired Resource Systems Group (RSG) to monitor turbine sound from August 15 to September 6, 2012. The monitoring station and a meterological station were put in on the north shore of Concord Pond - 1.6 miles from the nearest turbine.
6 Dec 2012

It was a close vote

The vote to allow King's wind business was a very close one, with people most affected having no vote. There were no local jobs created with the exception of a single management position, and some electricity will be free as long as the project makes money.
29 Sep 2012

Understanding wind turbine sound issues

Wind_turbine_sound_issues_formatted_aug_2012_thumb This article provides a useful primer on wind turbine noise issues as seen in Maine and New England. A portion of the article is provided below. The full article can be downloaded by clicking the document links located on this page. The article was commissioned by Maine Rural Partners on behalf of the Maine towns of Blue Hill, Brooklin and Sedgwick and funded by the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
22 Aug 2012

Spruce Mt. Wind neighbors complain of "aircraft" sound

Woodstock property owners near the Spruce Mountain Wind turbines - particularly camp owners on Shagg and Concord ponds - said at a public informational meeting last week that noise from the towers is louder than expected, because it carries over water and bounces off nearby hills. Its effects, some said, include sleepless nights and headaches, as well as general annoyance.
26 Jul 2012
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