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Kingman County settles dispute with Flat Ridge

An issue raised in the dispute was a property reclassification of wind turbine sites that increased the assessed ad valorem tax on those properties. The wind farm argued it was being taxed, even though the county assessed the higher taxes only to landowners.
19 Sep 2014

Scrutiny of wind farm urged

Gayle said he started taking a hard look at the project after hearing a presentation by developer Rex Savage at a Florence City Council meeting. “There’s a lot of loose ends here, a lot of questions to be answered,” Gayle said.
2 Jul 2014

Renewable Energy - It’s Complicated

Conclusion: the wind industry in Kansas, its existence and survival, is purely political in nature.  It exists only because of government mandate and significant government subsidy.  Isn’t it time to move from the political to the analytical?  It’s not simple; It’s not free; It’s expensive; It’s complicated.
16 Jun 2014

Some see proposed wind farm as a threat in Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Among the regulars are pelicans, wood ducks, trumpeter swans, blue-winged teals, sandhill cranes, blue herons, snow geese and smaller shorebirds such as the killdeer. After a layover, they ride the updraft from wind hitting the nearby Loess Hills, formed thousands of years ago from wind-blown soil. Now a company wants to capture that same wind by building Missouri’s largest wind farm nearby.
5 May 2014

Lawmakers to vote on altered renewable energy bill

The revised legislation keeps the current 10 percent requirement and allows the 15 percent requirement to run from 2016 to 2021. But after that, the RPS would sunset, explained Sen. Forrest Knox, R-Altoona ...Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, chair of the House Energy and Environment Committee, accepted Knox’s offer.
2 May 2014

House rejects bill repealing Kansas' RPS energy mandate

Rep. Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, said continuation of the RPS in Kansas would eventually lead to a significant increase in the cost of electricity. "Forty percent increases to the electrical rates to your constituents," said Rhoades ..."Folks, be advised you vote this down people will be hearing about the fact that you allowed their rates to rise," Rhoades said.
27 Mar 2014

Senate panel advances bill to repeal renewable energy standards

[The RPS] is not needed anymore,” said Mike O’Neal, president of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. “I’d make an argument that it never was needed.” The RPS statute requires that utility companies get 15 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2015, and O’Neal said they’ve already reached that point. “Time to take the training wheels off. We don’t need the RPS anymore.”
20 Mar 2014
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