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Irish wind farms confident they'll achieve deal for exports to the UK

Ireland's wind-farm developers counting on a trade deal that would allow them to benefit from UK power subsidies said they are confident an agreement will be reached. ..."The one thing we need is the route to market, which is the United Kingdom," he says. "We couldn't finance the project unless we had the support mechanisms which the importing countries would pay us."
16 Mar 2014

Fishermen rock boat over plans for Kilkeel wind farm

Alan McCulla of the Anglo North Irish Fish Producers' Organisation said: "We are in dialogue with Government and if we have to move lines on a map we will identify other areas where this can go for the benefit of Northern Ireland and the industry." His fears concern "fishermen having to navigate through a forest of wind turbines" and the potential long-term damage to fish stocks.
4 Jan 2014

IFA hit back at local Senator over wind turbines

"The IFA have abandoned rural communities with their unbridled backing for giant wind farms across large tracts of the West and the Midlands. Before it is too late, the IFA should also take the opportunity to revisit its tacit support for selected landowners to sign up secretive contracts with wind farm companies, which are imposing dubious confidentiality clauses and promising the sun, moon and stars in return for land rights and options".
18 Apr 2013

'Outrage' at plans for 2,300 wind turbines

Engineer Pat Swords, who is taking a case to the High Court in relation to the European Union's attitude to renewable energy targets, said local people were entitled under the terms of the Aarhus convention to be consulted about the proposals. He said wind energy does not work and the people of the midlands were being "sacrificed on the altar of a populist cult".
5 Mar 2013

Jobs claim by wind farm lobby dismissed

Britain's environment secretary, Owen Paterson, said wind farms had "significant impacts on the rural economy and the rural environment, all of which weren't intended when these things were thought up". Crewe is supporting Labour Senator John Kelly's Wind Turbines Bill, which would lay down minimum separation distances between wind farms and people's homes.
17 Oct 2012

West coast wind farm to bypass planning process

A €100 million, 400ft-high wind farm planned for west Clare is to bypass the planning process. It follows a Bord Pleanála ruling that the plan by Clare Coastal Wind Power for a 46-turbine wind farm on two sites near the coast is considered strategic infrastructure and, as a result, will be considered by the appeals board.
11 Oct 2011
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