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Build it and they won't come – An Iowa farmer explains backlash against big solar

These fights are part of a global backlash against the energy sprawl that always comes with the expansion of wind and solar energy. Earlier this month, the International Energy Agency’s “Renewables 2021” report included more than a dozen mentions of the growing problem of “social acceptance” of renewables in countries all over the world. For instance, in Italy, the IEA says that “limited land availability and growing social acceptance challenges further hamper faster growth of renewables.”
22 Dec 2021

Something in the Wind: Wind turbine blades found on City property cause a stir

Ted Petersen, Environmental Program Supervisor for the Iowa DNR, was on-site with Wylie in October on another matter when he noticed the blades. The DNR did not feel any action was necessary at that time but after Stancil made the official complaint to the DNR about the blades and that grinding had taken place outdoors, the DNR ordered that no further grinding occur at the site until authorization from the DNR Air Quality Bureau is obtained. A permit may also be required for the grinding process.
22 Nov 2021

Company plans to grind wind turbine blades near Earlham

A Bondurant company plans to use large wood chippers to grind old wind turbine blades into bits to recycle them, but its work site near Earlham has drawn scorn and pushback from anti-turbine residents in Madison County. ...Stancil raised alarm with the city, county, DNR and Iowa Attorney General’s Office, in part because Renewablade was in talks with MidAmerican to potentially take possession of about 500 old turbine blades. 
22 Nov 2021

Worth County supervisors seek counsel over wind ordinance litigation concerns

There is growing concern among the board of supervisors that Invenergy may take legal action if the Worth County supervisors attempts to enforce a wind ordinance or some other form of regulation on the Worthwhile Wind project. According to supervisor AJ Stone, Invenergy has already raised the possibility of pursuing legal action twice since the county implemented a moratorium on commercial wind projects in April.
12 Jul 2021

Wind energy company, county residents wait on supervisors’ setback decision

Since before April 27, the Crawford County Board of Supervisors has been discussing greater setback distances for wind turbine towers to lower the noise levels and reduce the flicker effect caused by the turbine blades. August 27 is the date on which the supervisors’ moratorium on new wind turbine construction went into effect, and now the supervisors are facing a quickly-approaching July 1 expiration date to the moratorium.
22 Jun 2021

Supervisors pass indefinite wind farm moratorium

GRUNDY CENTER- At a packed meeting conducted inside the third floor courtroom to accommodate the overflow crowd, the Grundy County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to implement a moratorium on wind farm construction in response to an Invenergy proposal to construct a project in the northeast part of the county.
12 May 2021

Iowa State study quantifies how much ice buildup affects wind turbines

What he found there — using drones to photograph blades after up to 30 hours of exposure to cold and wet conditions similar to those Texas faced — was that ice almost a foot thick built up near the tips of blades and reduced power production up to 80%. Hu explained that ice can negatively affect a wind turbine in more than one way. 
7 Mar 2021

Madison County puts effective ban on new wind energy development as storm over turbines continues

The nation might be bitterly divided over politics, Stancil said in an email to the Des Moines Register, but opposition to additional wind development in is "decidedly bipartisan" in Madison County, which sits on the edge of the Des Moines metro and is best known for its picturesque covered bridges. In 2019, the supervisors passed a year-long moratorium on new solar and wind development that ended last October.
21 Jan 2021

Delaware County officials deny variances for wind project

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors recently denied a request from Con Edison for variances on a proposed wind turbine project. The project calls for three wind turbines along driveways from 230th Street in Prairie Township. The turbines would be connected with an underground collection line that follows east along 230th Street to 167th Avenue.
5 Jan 2021

Another Vestas wind turbine blade breaks and falls, this time in Iowa

MidAmerican Energy, has idled more than 40 wind turbines at Iowa wind farms after a 50 metre-long turbine blade broke off and fell into a field last week. ...“The turbine that had the blade failure last week is the same type of turbine that had a blade failure last month in Adair Countym” he said. “They also had the same type of lightning system in them that channels lightning from a strike near a wind turbine blade down into the ground safely.
21 Oct 2020
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