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Ill. Supreme Court ruling stalls transmission line project

William Shay, the lead attorney for the alliance, said the court agreed with the Illinois Landowners Alliance, Farm Bureau and ComEd on the definition of public utility. "The Court noted that nothing stops Rock Island (Clean Line) from seeking to develop its project as a private facility, but it will not have public utility status, including the right to condemn landowner easements through eminent domain," he added.
23 Sep 2017

State high court will hear Clean Line appeal

Ricl_route_thumb The energy company has faced 4 years of fierce legal opposition led by the Illinois Landowners Alliance, the Illinois Farm Bureau, and ComEd. Clean Line Energy learned Nov. 23 of the high court’s decision to review the appellate court’s ruling. The company maintains that the project would bring low-cost clean energy, hundreds of good jobs, and revenue for communities in the project areas.
29 Nov 2016

Why Clean Line developers want changes to Iowa’s approval process

​As work on a wind-energy transmission line moves forward in other states, developers say the regulatory process in Iowa is holding back the project. The hotly debated Rock Island Clean Line, designed to ferry new wind energy from northwest Iowa to points east, is a fundamentally different type of transmission project[and] requires a fundamentally different sort of regulatory process.
6 Jan 2016

Protect landowners from the Rock Island Clean Line

In order to ensure your project moves forward — even without state approval — you have broadened your approach to include a federal legislative effort. Senate Energy Bill 1017 would grant eminent domain authority despite our state laws. Please understand the depth of staunch and unbending opposition we have to this concept. We are lobbying our Congressional and Senate delegation to prevent you from ever having that tool.
18 Dec 2015

Regulators stop review of Rock Island Clean Line

Backers of the proposed Rock Island Clean Line, a subsidiary of Houston-based Clean Line Energy Partners, asked the Iowa Utilities Board to put a hold on the technical review as the company determines the process for moving the project forward in Iowa, a Clean Line spokeswoman said Thursday. “The regulatory process in Iowa is unique because companies are required to complete right-of-way acquisition up front before the IUB has determined whether the project is in the public interest,” spokeswoman Sarah Bray said.
20 Nov 2015

Proposed wind-energy transmission line jolts some farmers

“In our opinion, the RICL transmission line does not serve a public good in the state,” Sheridan said. “No electricity will be used in Iowa. They’re also promoting the development of thousands of wind turbines in western Iowa and South Dakota. If somebody wants to put a bunch of wind turbines on your land, it’s a personal choice. This is not a personal choice."
23 Nov 2014

Opponents vow to fight contentious Siouxland electrical project

Landowners opposed to a 500-mile overhead electrical transmission line starting in O’Brien County continue to lobby for legislation aimed at slowing or stopping the project. At issue is the $2 billion Rock Island Clean Line, which would transport electricity generated from wind farms in Northwest Iowa and surrounding states to the Chicago area and other eastern points.
13 Apr 2014

Landowners on Clean Line route eye legislative bill

The bill, HF2056, would somewhat limit the company’s ability to use eminent domain to force landowners to let the lines cross their property. But lawmakers did drop one part of the proposed bill that would have required 25 percent of the energy carried on the high voltage line to stay in Iowa.
18 Feb 2014

Iowa GOP lawmakers propose limits on eminent domain

Three eastern Iowa legislators say they will co-sponsor bills to strengthen Iowans’ private property rights by limiting the taking of private property through the use of eminent domain to “public use” purposes. The target of their legislation is the Rock Island Clean Line, a $2 billion, 500-mile transmission line that would deliver wind en ergyin northwest Iowa
11 Jan 2014
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