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Wildcat Wind Turbine blade failure

Wildcatwind-bladefailure_thumb Another of the GE 1.6 megawatt wind turbines at the Wildcat Wind facility in Tipton and Madison Counties, Indiana, experienced a catastrophic failure. Residents in the area have lost county the number of times this has happened at the site. Special thanks to the folks in Tipton County for sharing this photograph taken at the site.
8 Jun 2016

Another blade failure at Wildcat Wind

Wildcatwind-bladebreak-2_thumb There was another turbine blade failure at the Wildcat Wind I facility owned by E.ON Climate and Renewables. The incident occurred sometime during the evening of April 2nd. The turbine is located just east of 500 East and north of Hiway 28 in Tipton County.This is the second blade failure at the project since February. The 200 MW project, consisting of 125 GE 1.6 XLE turbines was placed in service at the end of 2012. No cause of failure has been reported although lightning is an expected cause. The broken blade was found on the ground between 75-100 feet from the tower.
2 Apr 2014

Cause of turbine blade break unknown; Study to determine cause of break may not occur until late March

It stands idle on the northeast side of Tipton County, one of its three blades broken off. But more than two weeks after wind turbine G14 lost its blade, it is still unclear why, and when the turbine will be back up and running. A representative of E.On who asked not to be identified said Tuesday that the company is in the process of acquiring a rare crane, which will be brought to Tipton County to disassemble the entire turbine hub.
19 Feb 2014

'Perfect storm' caused UC turbine malfunction

A "perfect storm" of three factors occurring at the same time resulted in the malfunction of Union City's wind turbine. That's the verdict experts from Nordic Windpower and Performance Services Inc. gave to Mayor Bryan Conklin and Randolph Eastern School Superintendent Cathy Stephen on April 7. ..."The malfunction resulted from a 'perfect storm' of three factors occurring at the same time."
16 Apr 2010

Wind turbine tests inconclusive

The tests to determine what went wrong with Union City's wind turbine were inconclusive. During the turbine's original testing in February, the tip of one blade malfunctioned, and the blades were taken down for forensic testing by an independent source. The accident on State Route 227 as the turbine was in transit in January may have caused the damage. The semi trailer hauling the blade was long, and it evidently bottomed out on the road.
25 Mar 2010

UCI wind turbine broken in initial test

The Union City, Ind., wind turbine Tuesday experienced a failure of one of the rotor blade's tip brake mechanisms during commissioning and testing of the unit ...the failure will prevent the wind turbine from operating and producing electricity until the defective parts are repaired or replaced.
18 Feb 2010
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