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Residents try to escape Howard County

The people of eastern Howard County have argued long and loudly against the advent of a wind farm within their community. Their efforts, to this point, have been in vain. So, a group of them approached the nearby town of Converse, hoping to escape the county’s jurisdiction.
9 Jun 2014

Plan commission approves new bakery, tables wind discussion

Audience member Hank Bilsland, a Culver resident and one of the most vocal opponents of wind turbines at the council meeting, said there was "a lot of resistance" to the 140-foot tower height allowed in the plan commission's proposed ordinance. Bilsland distributed wind turbine photos to commission members. He also suggested solar energy systems were a more beneficial alternative to wind energy.
1 Jun 2014

Heed painful lessons from Indiana on wind farms

If Etowah politicians allow wind farms — maybe not now, but later after all residents have experienced the social damage these monstrosities cause — political careers will be in jeopardy. ...The citizens of Kokomo and Howard County have seen the enemy and do not like it. Gadsden and Etowah County have yet to witness these prodigious Frankenstein monsters.
31 May 2014

Candidates side with anti-wind group

Protestors have attended most of the meetings of the Howard County Commissioners over the past two years. They’ve visited the Howard County Council as well. Last July, the commissioners placed a moratorium on future wind development, excluding the Wildcat Wind Farm. It still was not enough for those who will have to live in or near the wind farm.
21 May 2014

Plan commission listens to views on wind farms

Twenty-three people lined up to give their opinions Wednesday, May 14, as members of the Huntington County Plan Commission listened to their views on wind farms. ...Commission members got plenty of feedback as homeowners and others demanded changes to the ordinance.
20 May 2014

Two anti-wind candidates win in Tipton primary

Residents of Tipton County voted for change on Tuesday, with a pair of anti-wind candidates coming out of the primary election victorious. Gerald Shuck beat out incumbent Republican County Commissioner Phil Heron, 1,817-1,266, to win a key seat, while Republican Jim Leffler edged fellow challenger Mike Orr.
7 May 2014

Delaware County still cool to wind farm?

What happened? In May, E.ON Climate & Renewables canceled an appearance before Delaware County Council after receiving signals that the council would reject the company’s request for property tax abatement for a wind farm. At the same time, the city-county plan commission postponed for 2-3 years action on an ordinance to regulate wind farms, so the county could research the impact of other Indiana wind farms on property values. 
25 Nov 2013

Tipton no place for wind farms; Opposition now wants a total ban on future developments

No wind farms at all. That's the new stance of a group originally formed around opposition to the Prairie Breeze Wind Farm proposed for northwestern Tipton County. The Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development was formed earlier in the year when the juwi Wind project was first announced and has concentrated its efforts in amending the county-wide ordinance to place greater restrictions on wind turbines.
20 Sep 2013

Open Door Law complaint filed against Tipton BZA

BZA President Jerry Acres opened the meeting stating his opinion that the board should not consider modifying the setback requirement of 1,500 which was made a condition when the BZA approved a conditional use permit for the wind farm. The board voted 3-to-1 to deny the request from juwi Wind without conducting a public hearing or allowing testimony from the company, affected landowners and the public.
9 Sep 2013
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