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Agreement with wind developer extended

NextEra’s next hurdle is getting the planning commission to grant an extension for a Commission Approved Use (CAU) that is already in place. During a May 18 meeting, the planning commission did not have enough votes to approve or deny a request for a second one-year extension.
26 May 2017

Some residents question legality of planning commission proceedings

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Henry County Planning Commission did not have enough votes either way Thursday night to approve or deny requests from two wind farm companies who wanted a second one-year extension of the commission-approved uses (CAUs) that will let each company continue to develop their industrial wind turbine projects in the southern part of the county. The planning commission intends to discuss and possibly re-vote on the issue at its June meeting. More information about that will appear in Tuesday’s paper.
21 May 2017

It's our county, not the wind companies' county

Seven years ago, a company came to Fayette County wanting to develop a Commercial Wind Farm in Posey and Fairview Townships. They claim they were “invited” by the people of Fayette County. There are a lot of farmers and homeowners in Fairview and Posey Township who would like to “un-invite” them and send them back where they cam from – except it’s difficult to tell exactly where they came from.
6 Jan 2017

Warren County wind farm discussion tabled

Discussion of Jordan Creek Wind Farm will continue on to another meeting of the Warren County Board of Zoning Appeals, scheduled for Nov. 28 ...The developer — Orion Renewable Energy Group — is seeking a special exception required by the county's zoning rules to develop a wind farm.
9 Nov 2016

Public offered glimpse at wind project

Whether it was supporters, opponents or those just curious about it, an open house this week drew many out to Roberts Park in Connersville to learn about the proposed West Fork Wind Energy Center project and the company behind it.
30 Oct 2016

Wind turbine farm considered in Berrien County

Wind turbines standing 600 feet high could be going up in Berrien County, but everyone involved cautions there are many hurdles to clear and it would be years before the project could become a reality. ...For wind turbines to go up in Weesaw Township, though, a ban on commercial wind farms would have to be lifted.
5 Aug 2016

Brevini Wind division to close

Richardson said the company will honor its obligations to the county and repay money for failing to create jobs in return for funds to develop the business. The company was originally to create 410 jobs, and paid $375,000 in penalties last year for failing to meet numbers.
29 Jun 2016

Wind farms whipping up opposition across rural Indiana

A wind-farm aversion is driving a handful of other rural counties — including some that already have turbines — to put moratoriums on any future development as local debate unfolds. “They’re losing favor all over the state,” said Campbell, who’s now working with like-minded opposition in other communities.
9 Jun 2016

Text messages result in wind turbine decision delay

At issue is a series of text messages between an Apex employee and a local resident, parts of which were posted on Facebook. In the texts, the Apex employee asks the local resident to “work on Kim (Cronk) for me.” The resident then asks, “Might there be a job for me with Apex/Flat Rock in the future?” The Apex employee responded, “Deliver Kim and we will talk!”
13 May 2016

Wind officials postpone addressing planning commission

Rachel White, Henry County zoning administrator, said she received notice of an indefinite continuance from the law firm representing Calpine, the company that owns the wind project. ...Many area residents have voiced opposition to the project. More than 150 people attended a community meeting earlier this month to discuss it. 
15 Apr 2016
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