Library from Indiana

Indiana Proposed Statehouse wind energy bills fizzle 30 Jan
Indiana Landowners sue Cass County over wind rules 24 Jan
Indiana Rep. Saunders files bill for wind farm transparency 14 Jan
Indiana New York Wisconsin Wind and worth: Realtors, auditor, study and court ruling weigh in on turbines and property values 13 Jan
Indiana Ohio Wind farm opponent speaks at town hall; About 200 gather in Royal Center to hear Ohio man 30 Dec 2017
Indiana Studies explore wind turbines and noise, sleep, health, annoyance and safety 29 Dec 2017
Indiana Wind farm proposals stir up turbulence 27 Dec 2017
Indiana More emails shared about wind farm development 22 Dec 2017
Indiana Wind farm a no-go; 5-5 tie vote enacts commissioners’ wishes 14 Dec 2017
Indiana JANE HARPER: Hard lessons can be learned from Tipton Co. wind turbine project 7 Dec 2017
Indiana Miami commissioner opposes wind ordinance 5 Dec 2017
Indiana 'It makes it look crooked, doesn't it?' Councilman shares public frustration with changes to county plan 26 Nov 2017
Indiana Officials side against wind farm 22 Nov 2017
Indiana Fulton County leaders vote down wind rules; Residents respond with gratitude 22 Nov 2017
Indiana Residents push back against turbines; Developer already secures 50 square miles in Miami Co. 20 Nov 2017
Indiana Wind ordinance review continues; Several areas of disagreement remain 19 Nov 2017
Indiana BZA turns down wind farm transmission line 16 Nov 2017
Indiana 150 wind turbines considered for Cass County 15 Nov 2017
Indiana Possible wind farms divide Fulton County residents 10 Nov 2017
Indiana Fulton Co. weighs proposed wind farm 10 Nov 2017
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