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Board OKs wind farm zoning

"We have to protect our rural characteristics," said Blackstone resident Judy Campbell. "Until this summer, I never thought about retiring anywhere but here. I love the rural setting and my home is here. - That all will change."
13 Jan 2006

Ogle approves wind farm plan

Residents Christ Fillip Jr., Mary Rose Krupa and Kenneth Drake attended many of the wind-farm meetings and were disappointed with the outcome. “This County Board is concerned with only one thing — dollars,” said Fillip, who lives in Leaf River.
21 Dec 2005

Misplaced Faith In Wind Energy

Unless Massachusetts residents take on the challenge, they will see millions of dollars transferred from their pockets through higher prices for electricity and taxes to the pockets of companies that own wind farms. Billions of capital investment dollars will be spent on projects that produce tiny amounts of electricity, electricity that is unreliable and low in quality and value.
14 Dec 2005
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