Library from Illinois

Illinois Expert Says Noise Standards May Not Protect Residents Near Proposed Wind Farm 25 Jan 2018
Illinois Wind turbines causing trouble for some homeowners 15 Jan 2018
Illinois Wind turbine restrictions move to DeWitt County Board 9 Jan 2018
Illinois Firm touts DeWitt Co. wind farm in face of opposition 4 Jan 2018
Illinois Public urges Ford County Board to strengthen wind-farm rules 15 Nov 2017
Illinois Developer says DeWitt County wind farm construction to begin in 2019 20 Oct 2017
Illinois Wind-farm moratorium now legally binding 13 Oct 2017
Illinois Iowa Ill. Supreme Court ruling stalls transmission line project 23 Sep 2017
Illinois Company pulls plug on Boone County wind farm project 17 Sep 2017
Illinois Wind turbines can hurt TV reception 13 Aug 2017
Illinois Pike County Board approves multi-million dollar wind turbine project 26 Jul 2017
Illinois No objection to Pike County wind farm at public hearing 30 Jun 2017
Illinois Wind farm work continues when judge denies motion 29 Jun 2017
Illinois Ogle County school decides to remove controversial wind turbine 23 Jun 2017
Illinois DeKalb County Board OKs wind testing towers 22 Jun 2017
Illinois Lake Land College removes, disassembles damaged wind turbines 14 Jun 2017
Illinois What's that? 400-foot turbine alters Macon County landscape 11 Jun 2017
Illinois DeKalb County Board approves moratorium on wind, solar farms 15 Mar 2017
Illinois DeKalb County committee recommends 2nd public hearing for wind testing towers 23 Feb 2017
Illinois DeWitt wind farm still at least a year away 5 Feb 2017
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