Articles from Illinois

Illinois County Board to hear Koppeis’ plan to build wind farm along scenic bluffs 8 Aug 2018
Illinois Committee expected to vote on proposed wind-farm rule changes Tuesday 2 Aug 2018
Illinois Solar, wind energy regulations on tap; City's zoning commission to consider changes 1 Aug 2018
Illinois DeWitt County Zoning Board of Appeals asked to move turbines farther away 25 Jul 2018
Illinois Wind farm tower permits move to county board 18 Jul 2018
Illinois Another wind farm could come to Henry County 14 Jul 2018
Illinois Wind-farm developer moving ahead despite Newman Township vote 12 Jul 2018
Illinois Flicker, noise rules added to DeKalb County wind ordinance draft 12 Jul 2018
Illinois Wind farm hits a big road block 11 Jul 2018
Illinois THE NO SPIN ZONE: Seeing more anti-wind farm signs in DeWitt County? Here's why 10 Jul 2018
Illinois Solar, wind energy regulations back for another look 4 Jul 2018
Illinois DeKalb County committee passes parts of wind ordinance draft 28 Jun 2018
Illinois Wind turbines could come to Knox County 23 Jun 2018
Illinois Warren County Board hears wind energy proposal 13 Jun 2018
Illinois Zoning commission considers solar, wind rules 7 Jun 2018
Illinois County plan committee hears residents' concerns about health, safety of wind farms 25 May 2018
Illinois DeKalb County Planning and Zoning Committee will evaluate wind turbine setback standards next 22 May 2018
Illinois Wind turbine ordinance should protect, respect property rights 9 May 2018
Illinois DeWitt Co. OKs wind turbine setbacks, not height limits 20 Apr 2018
Illinois DeWitt ZBA endorses stricter wind turbine rules 4 Apr 2018
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