Articles from Illinois

Illinois Planning and Zoning Committee OKs wind ordinance recommendations 24 Oct 2018
Illinois DeKalb County hearing officer recommends approval for wind ordinance 23 Oct 2018
Illinois County Board approves wind farms 19 Oct 2018
Illinois Developer seeks extension of special-use permit for wind farm 11 Oct 2018
Illinois Same rhetoric at latest public hearing on wind farms 10 Oct 2018
Illinois Morgan Co. Board not accepting wind farm applications until ordinance is updated 9 Oct 2018
Illinois Wind farm plans cause controversy 26 Sep 2018
Illinois County hears wind farm update 21 Sep 2018
Illinois Apex Clean Energy proposes wind farm east of Jacksonville 20 Sep 2018
Illinois Wind-farm debate picks up steam in Ford County 11 Sep 2018
Illinois DeWitt County Board gives wind farm developer a victory 23 Aug 2018
Illinois DeKalb County committee approves wind draft ordinance, sends it to hearing officer 23 Aug 2018
Illinois DeWitt County Board rejects wind turbine setback change 23 Aug 2018
Illinois Board looking into wind ordinance 15 Aug 2018
Illinois Wind farm issue blows back into county 15 Aug 2018
Illinois Board looking into wind ordinance 14 Aug 2018
Illinois County residents raise concerns over wind ordinance at Board meeting 13 Aug 2018
Illinois New wind ordinance draft components passed, others still in flux 10 Aug 2018
Illinois Wind farm among several topics before county board 10 Aug 2018
Illinois Panel recommends more than doubling setbacks for wind turbines 9 Aug 2018
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