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Wind farm possible in Hudson area

NORMAL - A second, large-scale wind farm could be sprouting turbines in McLean County as early as next spring. Chicago-based Invenergy Wind LLC plans to build the $200 million McLean Wind Energy Center, a network of 100 wind turbines scattered across an 8,000-acre swath of the northeast corner of the county.
23 Mar 2006

Wind energy and highway 34 discussed Thursday by county finance committee

MONMOUTH - The Warren County Board Finance Committee met yesterday at the courthouse. It was announced that there will be an informational meeting about wind energy at West Central High School in Biggsville at 1 p.m. March 25. Several local school districts are trying or are getting ready to try to reduce their power bills by utilizing wind energy as a power source.
10 Mar 2006

Ogle approves wind farm plan

Residents Christ Fillip Jr., Mary Rose Krupa and Kenneth Drake attended many of the wind-farm meetings and were disappointed with the outcome. “This County Board is concerned with only one thing — dollars,” said Fillip, who lives in Leaf River.
21 Dec 2005

Misplaced Faith In Wind Energy

Unless Massachusetts residents take on the challenge, they will see millions of dollars transferred from their pockets through higher prices for electricity and taxes to the pockets of companies that own wind farms. Billions of capital investment dollars will be spent on projects that produce tiny amounts of electricity, electricity that is unreliable and low in quality and value.
14 Dec 2005

Public Hearing for Wind Farm in Ogle Co.

The idea has been brought up in just about every county in the Stateline. Wednesday night in Ogle County members of the public were invited to come up and voice their opinions to the zoning board of appeals. The room was packed with concerned citizens, so much so that some were forced to listen to testimony from the hallway. Every person that stood up to talk was against the proposed wind farm.
17 Nov 2005
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