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Future of wind farm development unclear after split vote in Boone County

Members split the vote 6-6 on increasing the minimum distance that wind turbines must be located from property lines. The proposal failed by a single vote. Applicants interested in obtaining a special use permit to build a specific project must have the approval of the majority of members present for the measure to pass. If the vote is split evenly again, development will not happen.
17 Jan 2014

Wind farm, animal control bring speakers to county board

Mainstream Renewable Power is proposing a project with up to 100 wind turbines for 8,000 acres bordered by North Boone School Board on the south, Grade School Road to the west, Wisconsin state line on the north and McHenry County line to the east. Opponents presented each board member with a stack of petitions signed by 1,300 people who don't want the development.
26 Nov 2013

A setback for wind farms

Alt said there have been residents from within all the area wind farms voicing concerns with noise and other issues. He said not all their stories are the same, but they are close, and he can't believe they are all making it up. The wind companies disagree with such claims, and board members have challenged them for proof. "And I can't see why we should OK something that draws this much controversy from people who don't have anything to do with them."
15 Sep 2013

County board must update its wind farm ordinance

Vermilion County Board officials clearly heard what the current WECS project has done to many rural residents. Families know their property values and physical health have declined while the dominating effects of these industrial machines have ignored property lines, invaded homes and split neighborhoods.
28 Jun 2013

Wind farm rules fine as is

John Alexander, chairman of the panel, said that setbacks are really the one area where the county has some authority. Alexander said residents who live as far as 1,600 feet or more from turbines have testified that they are affected by the noise. But the panel also discussed that if the setbacks are increased more than the existing 1,200 feet, it could eliminate any further development for wind energy.
25 Apr 2013

Vermilion County board still up in air on wind turbine rules

The issue of wind turbines remained up in the air on Thursday as the panel assembled to discuss the issue adjourned without a decision. Selected county board members as well as other community representatives meet at noon Thursday to discuss comments and information provided by residents who attended a public forum on Monday regarding wind turbines.
19 Apr 2013

Greenville citizens object to wind farm

Ten of the 19 proposed turbines would violate Bureau County Zoning ordinances, mostly on being too close to homes, property lines and housing communities like Normandy. The developers have asked for variances to these ordinances. It is curious that developers could not find other spots for these 10 turbines in the thousands of surrounding acres.
17 Sep 2012
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