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Illinois still working on how to tax turbines, economic development issues

Court precedent set on cases involving cellular and radio towers defined the concrete and tower part of the turbines as real property, while the nacelle and blades are personal property, since they are easily removed, Kahman said. "The nacelles themselves are highly marketable," he noted. "We ran a lot of scenarios, let's say in the middle of the night they go bankrupt. Nobody's going to just leave the towers there because they can be sold for profit."
29 Sep 2007

Governor alters property tax bill; Provisions on wind farms untouched

Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Thursday rewrote portions of a proposed law that deals mainly with Cook County property assessments but also would set up a statewide method of assessing wind farms for property tax purposes. ...Even though the governor did not alter the provisions concerning wind farms, the fate of those provisions is entwined with the rest of the overall bill. Lawmakers will have to decide next month whether to accept Blagojevich's revisions to House Bill 664, which would require a majority vote in the House and the Senate.
21 Sep 2007

Bill would provide uniform assessment of wind farms

Legislation approved by lawmakers but still needing Gov. Rod Blagojevich's signature would create a uniform method for assessing the value of wind turbines and, supporters hope, make Illinois more attractive for future wind energy development. Under the legislation, which Mautino helped negotiate, wind companies could expect to pay around $9,000 per megawatt regardless of the county. The law also sets standards on depreciation and allows only 25 percent of the land where a turbine is located to be assessed for property taxes.
28 Aug 2007

Senate passes legislation for wind farm assessment; House must approve $9,000/megawatt value

One of the major concerns for Illinois counties looking to lure wind farms to the area is the tax assessment. That problem is now a step closer to being resolved. Thursday, during the prolonged legislative overtime session resulting from the budget impasse, the Illinois Senate voted 53-0 to pass legislation that sets an assessment rate. It still must pass the House and be signed by the governor. If enacted, the tax value would be $9,000 per megawatt for wind farms.
11 Aug 2007

Senate unanimous in forwarding bill on wind farm property taxes

The Illinois Senate today approved legislation to set up a uniform way of determining the property taxes that wind farms will pay. Wind farms, a fledgling industry in Illinois, at present can be assessed in varying ways, depending on where they are located. Different counties have been using differing methodologies. But if the legislation becomes law, a wind farm installed in 2007 would pay a tax of $9,000 per megawatt, no matter where in Illinois it is. That figure would drop slightly each year because of physical depreciation. The legislation, which is designated House Bill 664, sailed through the Senate on a 53-0 vote and next moves to the House of Representatives. To become law, it must pass there and be signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Another part of the bill would phase out an existing 7 percent cap on property assessments in Cook County.
9 Aug 2007

Overtime allows wind farm legislation

SPRINGFIELD - Thanks to the duration of this year's record-breaking legislative overtime session, lawmakers are poised to vote on a plan that would establish a uniform method of assessing wind farms for property tax purposes. The proposal is the result of months of talks involving Rep. Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley, county assessors, local governments, wind-energy companies and others..............Under the legislation, a wind farm installed in 2007 would pay a tax of $9,000 per megawatt. That figure would drop slightly each year because of physical depreciation of the wind devices. If enacted into law, the measure would expire - or "sunset" - after the 2011 tax year. The sunset date is meant to enable lawmakers to gauge how well the law is working.
7 Aug 2007

Two wind farms closer to reality

CHICAGO - The governor announced an expansion of the Bureau and Putnam County Enterprise Zone on Monday, a move that should clear some final hurdles for construction of two wind farms. The enterprise zone, which allows income and job creation tax credits to companies that build within it, will be extended by a total of 18.2 acres for Midwest Wind Energy's Big Sky and Crescent Ridge II wind farms.
7 Aug 2007

Utility bill gives a boost to wind power

CHICAGO - The $1 billion electric rate-relief package that Illinois lawmakers approved this week contains not only savings for consumers but also an expected boon to the state's growing wind-farm industry. A provision of the bill that passed the House and Senate on Thursday requires utility companies to get increasing shares of their power supplies from renewable sources, especially wind turbines. The green threshold would start at 2 percent next year and would gradually increase to 25 percent by 2025, according to lawmakers and other proponents familiar with the details. Utilities previously agreed to voluntary goals, but environmental advocates have been pushing for binding requirements with penalties for companies that don't comply.
28 Jul 2007

Building wind farms for profit, not need

Simply put the Oak Prairie wind farm is a good example of how developers and the county boards are ripping off the American taxpayers who fund these projects through subsidies. They are simply locating these projects wherever they can find a farmer/landowner who does not care about his neighbors and they think the resistance will be light (low income areas). There is no concern for power output. This is costing us all millions of dollars; many MW's of energy and gives the wind power industry poor performance numbers.
11 Jul 2007

Geneseo delays decision on wind turbine

A decision on the site for a $5.5 million wind turbine tower just west of town has been delayed a month, according to Geneseo's mayor. In June, the Geneseo City Council voted 5 to 3 in favor of negotiating a contract with Johnson Controls to build the 2.5 megawatt wind turbine. The council also approved acceptance of a $1.385 million Illinois Clean Energy Grant for the tower's installation. But a few obstacles came before the council. During the June meeting, one of the people who would live next to the tower said he didn't want to see it from his backyard.
6 Jul 2007

El Paso City Council tables wind farm proposal

Mayor Herb Arbuckle and other members of the council expressed concern that land taken up by wind turbines could have detrimental effects on economic growth and development, property values because of obstructed views, noise or light pollution and possible electronic and radio interference that could affect emergency radio signals. "We've got to look 20 to 30 years down the road when we consider this," Arbuckle said. Council member Dick Jones said looking down the road, he can see the turbines harming residential property development west of town.
31 May 2007

Wind farms projects in Woodford Co. may be delayed

EUREKA -- Wind farm projects in Woodford County may be delayed unless the state passes a law specifying how they will be taxed. County Administrator Greg Jackson said local government doesn't have all the facts needed to continue approving wind farm projects. He recommended the county board delay approval of future wind farms until potential tax revenue is set in stone.
20 May 2007

Wind farm legislation concerns official

Stalled legislation aimed at assessing wind farm developments in Illinois has concerned Woodford County's administrator so much that tonight he is going to request the County Board delay approving future developments. County Administrator Gregory Jackson said Monday he is concerned about how wind turbines will be assessed for property tax purposes, and warns if no legislation is approved in Springfield, the county will be "at risk" of losing tax dollars some day if the developments become reality.
15 May 2007

SIUC seeks wind power

The Physical Plant is looking to turn blustery days into university dollars. University officials have applied for a $30,000 grant to investigate the feasibility of building a 2.5-megawatt wind generator on campus, said Justin Harrell, a Physical Plant electrical engineer. If awarded the grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, the university could begin studying the possibility of building a wind turbine as early as this summer, Harrell said.
24 Apr 2007

State considers new taxing standard for wind farms

An Illinois lawmaker says with a growing number of wind farms in the state, there should be a statewide standard for how they're appraised for taxing purposes. So far, no complaints from Horizon Energy which will eventually operate the largest wind farm in the country in eastern McLean County. Representative Ed Sullivan of Mundelein says having consistent standards is a good idea, but he has a problem with the high tax levels being proposed. Stephen Noe of Midwest Energy, one of the largest developers of wind farms in the Midwest, says the proposals would put Illinois well above other states in wind farm taxation and that would be bad for business.
23 Apr 2007

Uniform wind farm law takes shape; Bill would set property tax assessment method

A legislative effort to figure out how to assess wind farms for property tax purposes is gaining momentum, state Rep. Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley, said recently. At present, Illinois counties can use different methodologies to assess wind farms, a situation that complicates assessments for any wind farm straddling county lines. Wind farms are a relatively new, but growing, industry in Illinois. "There's nothing like it out there," Mautino said. "How do you make a statewide standard for something that didn't exist during your whole 150 years as a county?" For about a month and a half, Mautino has been negotiating with other interested parties - including county assessors and the Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois - to try to settle on a methodology for assessing wind farms. The legislation is House Bill 380. The negotiating group has decided that the assessment should be based on the cost of construction. Mautino said his legislation would specify a number - still subject to change - to represent the cost of construction, and a formula then would be applied to come up with a final calculation.
31 Mar 2007

Wind-whipping energy production may get boost

GRAYSLAKE -- Michael Bond thinks it's time for Illinois to harness the power of wind and sun on a grander scale. A bill sponsored by the freshman Democratic state senator from Grayslake would allow farms and small- to mid-size businesses that utilize wind turbines or solar energy to plug into the electricity distribution grid and get credit for the energy they produce. By removing barriers to financial compensation, Bond thinks the bill would encourage pollution-free energy and ease pressure on the electrical grid.
10 Mar 2007
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