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Area's winds could power Windy City

The Windy City earned the nickname from blowhard politicians, not its weather conditions, but the winds that blow across the vast expanses of farmland throughout Illinois may soon help power the energy-hungry Chicago area. A Texas company will formally present a $500 million wind power project at a Tuesday hearing in Bloomington of the McLean County Zoning Board, the latest step in a process that began more than three years ago. The result -- in terms of energy produced -- would be the country's largest land-based wind farm.
4 Jul 2005

Mendota Hills

Bilde_thumb The Mendota Hills Wind Farm in Lee County near Paw Paw, the first utility-scale wind project in Illinois, went online at the end of 2003. The project’s developer/owner is Navitas Energy of Minneapolis.
1 Jan 2004
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